Round 1: Results

To say that I was an emotional wreck all day would be an understatement. It is day ten of the seven to ten days I had to wait for my first round of testing results.

I have been so busy since I had the tests done that I was able to keep my mind off of it for the most part. But today? I had today off work, no demanding sewing projects, and all the time in the world to wait by the phone. I felt like I was in college again, waiting by the phone wondering if that cute guy I gave my number to the night before was going to call.

After three phone calls, two emails, and one voicemail I finally got the call back from the doctor (I know, I was annoying but I am not a patient person). The call came at 5:30pm, possibly the absolute latest you can expect a call from the doc. At this point I had already given up. I was on my second glass of wine (don't judge) and tears of frustration were already on my cheeks. The waiting and the unknown were killing me. It had become too much. And then the phone rings. I immediately cleared my throat and hoped that he couldn't hear the crying in my voice.

Everything came back normal. As my doc put it: "it's a double edged sword". It's good that I am healthy but at the same time we still have no answers as to why I have miscarried three times. It's not like I wanted something to be wrong with me but I would like some answers, something we could do to fix this, whatever "this" may be.

As soon as Aunt Flow makes her grand appearance we will begin Round 2 of testing. Which will hopefully be soon, although there are no guarantees since my body has become a stranger to me as of late.

I will be praying for answers. and patience. and for my husband who has to deal with all of the emotions and hormones exploding from within me. I hope you will do the same.

Happy Birthday Little Bro

Today my little brother turned fifteen. He is over six feet tall, attending high school, and in just a few hours, he will be driving. This completely baffles me.

I still remember the day he was born. In fact, I was there in the room and one of the first people to lay eyes on that adorable baby boy. I helped pick out his name. Took him to his first movie in the theater. Taught him how to tie his shoes and sing the ABC's. Read to him. Sang to him. Rocked him to sleep. In my eyes, he was mine. And in many ways I still see him that way.

Our almost ten year age difference has allowed us a special kind of friendship. He calls me for advice, homework help, and when he is too bored to think of anything else to do. I attend as many baseball games and school functions as humanly possible. I have spent fifteen years looking out for him, making sure he is safe and happy. The funny thing is, over the past couple of years I have noticed him doing the same for me.

I realized just how grown up he was becoming right before he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was confused and worried because they made a last minute change to our entrance and he looked me right in the eyes and told me it was going to be ok and that the new entrance was going to be great. At that moment I saw the man he was becoming and the little boy he once was vanishing.

I could not be more proud of him. He had a great example in our father and I know as he looks down on him today, he sees that it is because of him that my not so little brother is turning into such an incredible young man.

A lot of changes are coming his way. Girlfriends, cars, decisions, sports, new friends, thoughts of college, temptations. I can't wait to see what he does with his life because I know it will be great. As long as he remembers that no matter how tall he gets, he will always be my little brother.

Happy Birthday little bro. I love you.

Emmys 2010

The Emmy Awards were last night and while I only made it through the comedy awards before getting bored (which is the first section) I did watch the red carpet event. And let's be honest, that's the best part anyway.

There were so many gorgeous dresses but one caught my eye more than any other. Ms Claire Danes was looking mighty stunning in her shiny strapless gown. If only I had a reason to wear such a gown... and the money to buy it.
Of course the red carpet wasn't all shiny goodness. There were plenty "what was she thinking"s. The worst one being the True Blood beauty Anna Paquin. I wasn't aware that bedazzled football pads were appropriate for award shows? Bleh.

Sunday Funday! (and a little work too)

This morning was the first time I have brought Love, Megan out into the real world (as in, not the internet). And let me tell you, it was so much fun! Just being there when people saw my things for the first time and hearing their comments was so worth the sunburn and sore feet. Although the sales sure didn't hurt either :)
Setting up my table was amazing and seeing everything spread out like that made me realize how much stuff I have made!

I had a lovely helper to assist me in preparing the table (twice actually since the rain caused me to close up and run for cover for a bit). She kept me calm and helped make everything look beautiful! How did I get so lucky to have friends like that?
The Summer Soiree was a hit and I am happy to have been able to help raise some money for a great school like the Providence Academy. And now I am going to prop up my feet while wearing the cupcake pj's that I have had on since 3:30 this afternoon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Goodbye unemployment

And hello new job!

As much as I love staying at home and taking care of my pups, sewing all day, keeping the house clean, and constantly doing projects around the house the bank account no longer allows me to do so. Lucky for me I found a job that combines things I love, allows me to make my own schedule, and sounds incredibly fun!

I will be working at a Family Enrichment center teaching sewing classes to kids and one adult beginner class! During the interview, the owner saw that I have a degree in Elementary Ed and asked if I would be interested in tutoring as well. Of course I said yes because it sounds great and I'm not good at saying no :)

One of the best things about the new job is that I make my own schedule. I start Monday with tutoring and while I am there I will set up the schedule for my sewing classes. I'm pretty excited and a tad nervous! I have experience teaching and lots of experience sewing but I have never combined the two. It will be great though, I already have a million ideas.

I will be sure to share the projects we make and instructions so you or your kiddos can make them too! I'm so ready for this new adventure!

ps - They asked if I would be interested in teaching a cooking class.... hahahahaha they are so funny.


After sitting by the phone all day yesterday and jumping at every little noise it made, I still have no results. Around 2pm I finally gave in and called the OBGYN office to make sure the results weren't just sitting there waiting to be given to me. That's when they told me that it could be seven to ten days before the results come in! What?? They originally told me four days. I was mentally prepared to wait four days so ten days sounds like an eternity.

However, my impatience is nothing compared to the hubs anxiety on the matter. He called and texted me all day yesterday and the day before asking if I had heard anything yet. Silly hubs, doesn't he know that I would call him immediately? I don't mind though, I think it's really sweet.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow! I am a little nervous about it because it's not something I have ever done before but it combines several things I love so I need to just walk in there with confidence (even if it is a little false).

Thanks everyone for the well wishes about the results. Hopefully we find out something soon and it's good news :)

Handy Hubby

The hubs made me these awesome displays for my iphone Snuggies out of a couple of old shelves we had in the garage. He's pretty handy! I suppose I will keep him around for a while ;)

ps- We should be getting the results for our first round of tests tomorrow. I'm not freaking out or anything. Nope.

Monday morning survival

Happiness is...
a warm cup of coffee

....with Belgium chocolate flavored creamer of course. So yummy! I start off every morning with a cup full of goodness while I catch up on the blogs I read regularly and check on my etsy shop. It's such a great way to start off the day, especially a Monday.

Girls vs. Boys

Yesterday, the hubs and a group of his friends had their second annual live fantasy football draft. Such nerds right? They all gather at one of their houses (last year it was ours and let's just say never. again.) with their laptops and plenty of beer in hand. I dropped the hubs off around 2:30pm (because I'm his mommy?).
While the guys were drafting for their fantasy teams, drinking beer, swimming and being all smelly, all of the ladies got together for a yummy potluck dinner, wine, cupcakes, and a chick flick. It was such a perfect little Saturday night with some of my favorite ladies. We were able to unwind and enjoy some much needed girl time.

I was in charge of the appetizer for the evening and I decided to try something a little different (as apposed to my usual spinach dip). I went with fruit/cheese kebobs with a strawberry and cream cheese kind of dip. It was very simple, tasty and quick.
Other things on the menu for the night were a delicious mushroom, tomato, spinach and olive oil pasta, salad, garlic bread, wine and cupcakes for dessert! All of this plus girl talk, 17 Again, and Keep Up with the Kardashians made for the perfect girls night in!

After we finished off all of the goodies, we headed over to where the guys were to crash their party drive them home and take incriminating photos of them. When we arrived we could hear and smell them from down the street. Why are guys so smelly? It smelled like a high school football locker room in there. so gross.

Overall I think it was a great night for everyone :)

Round 1

Tomorrow afternoon I go for my first round of lab work. For some reason, I am really nervous. Which makes no sense because it's not like I am going to get any answers tomorrow, I am not even going to see my doctor. Although the thought of someone cramming a needle into my arm isn't the most pleasant image.

We are hoping that we can figure out what is going on with my body and that it will be an easy fix. It would also be nice if we found it out in the first round of tests instead of having to endure (and pay for) all four. Either way, we just want to be able to have a baby.

Anyway, please send positive vibes my way tomorrow!

Love, Megan Update

In case you haven't noticed already, I gave Love, Megan a makeover recently! I feel the new look is more ME and the bright colors and patterns represent my products better.

Also, I have added some new goodies to the shop and more are in the works and will be up soon! Here is a taste of what you can find and a little preview of what's to come:
And in other Love, Megan news, the lovely Mandy from Harper's Happenings is hosting a giveaway for one of iphone snuggies! Head over there for you chance to win your choice of the phone snuggies listed in my shop! The giveaway ends this Friday so don't miss your chance to win!

Some things never change

The last time I went to visit my mom, I brought back a couple of boxes full of old pictures to sort through. I am such a sucker for old photos and could seriously spend all day looking at them. Usually as I sift through the batch from my childhood I shake my head at the outfits my mom used to put me in. I like polka dots just as much as the next person but is it necessary to wear them head to toe? And with frills? Not to mention the time she permed my hair and it looked like a poodle was sleeping on my head.

But this time, as I was showing the hubs some of the pictures, he noticed that the outfit I was wearing in one of the pictures looked very similar to one that I currently own. One more look at the picture and I realized he was right!
So the colors may be off a little but holy moly that is the same outfit! And apparently I never outgrew the side bangs either. A little scary don't ya think? Bravo momma, you picked one outfit that I would still adore twenty years later. But don't pat yourself on the back just yet. You also put me in this:
I very specifically remember begging not to wear this vest. And paired with an oversized t-shirt, gold chain and dolphin hoop earrings? Really? I was such and tomboy and the lace was pure torture for me at the time. But those earrings? They were my fav!

While my style may not have improved much over the years, I promise you all that I own nothing remotely similar to that vest! At least not that I will admit on the internet :)

Happy Monday

Happiness is...
his lingering smell

The smell of his soap and shampoo lingering in the bathroom after a shower. Simple and clean, not sweet and fruity like mine. The smell of his cologne lingering in the bedroom for hours after he has left for work. He still wears the same cologne I picked out the first year we were dating. The smell of grass and sweat lingering throughout the house after hours of work in the yard. Proof of his hard work and the heat of the Florida summers.

I love his smells (except for certain ones he leaves lingering in the bathroom). The best is when he kisses me goodbye right after putting on his cologne and the smell sticks to my top and randomly throughout the day I can smell it. Sweet little reminders throughout the day that make me smile.

A New Adventure

After much deliberation, I have decided to start another blog. No worries, I am still keeping this one and updating per usual! This will remain my outlet for all things baby, pups, and life in general. The new blog, Beauty at the Ball Game, is about sports!

I love talking and writing about sports but I felt that it just didn't fit here. Having a post about making babies followed by a post about post season prospects doesn't work. So now I have my own space to write all about the sports I love.

I encourage you all (sports fans and not) to check it out and give it a chance. It's not going to be your typical sports blog. It's written for women, for you. It will be fun!

Love, Megan

Danger! Danger!

Reasons why Joann Fabrics is dangerous:

1.) They have fabric. A lot of it. And I feel about fabric the way a fat kid does about cake. I want it all and am never convinced I have enough. I even want (but refrain somehow) to buy the adorable Peanuts Halloween fabric. ::swoon:: But really, what the heck would I do with that? Halloween table cloth? skirt? bag? curtains? I don't think so.

2.) The "dollar spot." Granted it's not as glorious as Targets or Michaels but still, everything is a dollar! And for some reason when I see things in the dollar spot, they all of a sudden become necessary and I justify it by saying "but it's only a dollar!" Stamps, notepads, blank cards, it's a beautiful thing.

3.) Ridiculous little goodies lining the check-out line. For example, last night as I was waiting in line I stumbled across a pack of magnetic, dry-erase word bubbles. Um, ridiculously wonderful. How fun would those be on the fridge! If they had been clearly marked as $1, they would be mine but I couldn't find a price. And around the holidays they have those silly reindeer that poop jelly beans which always make me giggle. Ridiculous and I love it.

4.) The abundance of craft possibilities. From picture frames to scrapbooking and kiddie crafts. My creative juices get flowing just walking by this stuff and the next thing I know I have added ten projects to my "to-do list."

I have had to make a list every time I go there and promise myself not to stray from it. I bee-line straight to the things I need and try to ignore my peripheral vision. Dangerous, I tell you.

The hunt

Back at the beginning of April I left my job as a nanny of two in order to pursue a "career." I planned on taking a month off to collect myself and recover a bit from the emotional stress I had been under and in the meantime search for a new job. For those of you who are terrible with math, it is now almost five months later and I sit here still searching for a job, forget about a career.

I have a degree in Elementary Education but have been struggling with whether or not that is still the path I want to take. A lot about me has changed since choosing that career path and I am just not sure if it is for me anymore. Not that it would matter since teaching jobs are some of the most difficult to find right now anyway.

So I have been applying for other jobs. Like secretary type stuff. And some teaching jobs at private schools. Front office positions. Anything that doesn't require the phrase "would you like fries with that?" or "our tank tops are two for twenty dollars!" Me and retail don't get along and I would rather not work anywhere that required a hair net and gave me (even more) pimples.

Five months into the job hunt, dozens of resumes sent out, and only two interviews. Awesome. One of those interviews sent me away as soon as I walked in. Not because my appearance frightened them but because they had just filled the position. The second one went wonderfully. But I didn't get it.

Being a SAHW (stay at home wifey) isn't nearly as respectable as being a SAHM. So the hunt continues. And the hunt? It's not so fun.

In the meantime, I will be locked away in my sewing room, pretending like it pays the bills :)

Let's talk about.... babies?

If you have been reading along since the beginning you know that this blog was set up to talk about babies. Preferably my babies but you know, just baby stuff in general. Obviously it has gone off course due to the fact that I haven't actually produced a baby yet and that topic doesn't always go too well with me.

When I try to talk baby I do one of three things: 1) make people sad or uncomfortable (which is not fun and not my intention). 2) make an inappropriate joke that only my husband understands. or 3) get a response that makes me sad or angry.

People get a bit uncomfortable talking about babies with me in person. I really don't mind it, I love baby talk! And unless you are going to tell me that you hate your children or laugh at miscarriage, we are going to get along just fine. Just because I have been having some issues with making them does not mean I can't hold a conversation about how cute babies are or what names we have picked out for our phantom kids.

As for the jokes. They are my way of coping. No I am not really going to steal a baby but when I see a cute little babe I sometimes say I want to. And I swear I have never eaten a baby, nor have I tried to, despite my saying I wanted to. What? It's either that or go cry in the corner. I prefer the joking. But other people? They just don't seem to get it. And strange looks are not fun to receive.

Lastly, people can be mean. Whether it's on purpose or not some words just pierce right through my heart. Then there are others that make me want to punch a puppy. And I love puppies!! So to make me mad enough to want to punch one sure takes a lot. When I told one person about our third miscarriage their response was "why don't you just get on birth control and stop trying for a while." My jaw dropped. My OB must have forgotten to tell me that in order to have a baby, you should get on bc and stop having sex. Will the stork then deliver a basket full of babies to my door step? I realize it's just ignorance but ouch.

So yeah, I haven't been writing about babies like I thought I would. Instead I have been telling people what is going right. What I have accomplished. What I have discovered. And I hope baby talk will be back soon, I really do.

Stache Bash!

Looking for a theme for an upcoming birthday? Look not further, "Mustache Bash" is where it's at. For one of the hubs best friends 27th birthday his lovely girlfriend planned him a mustache themed celebration. Men were encouraged to sport natural stache's but there was an ample supply of fake's for anyone who needed one. I channeled my inner villain for the night:

With our mustaches in place we headed to a local bar for beer, dancing, pizza, and lots of laughs! There may have been a few strange looks from outsiders (especially in the ladies room) but mostly people were asking if we had any extra staches.
The birthday boy with his dashing mustache
(notice the panda has one too!)
the hubs and I looking stache-tasic
birthday pizza, of course
and some very handsome ladies

Did you happen to notice that I was making the same pose in every picture? Yeahhhh about that. The mustache just completely took over, I didn't really have a choice. As soon as a camera was present, my hand automatically went to the corner of my luxurious mustache and an evil laugh came out.

The night was amazing and the hubs and I were definitely paying for it the next day. But it was totally worth it. I am being a complete blog-slacker today and skipping Happy Monday because the Stache Bash just had to be shared and now the house must be cleaned and there is a pile of fabric sitting in my sewing room just calling my name. Enjoy your Monday!

Girlfriends and cake and presents, oh my!

Yesterday was one of my good friends bridal shower. She's not one for cutesy games or toilet paper wedding dresses so the shower consisted of yummy food, great friends, her wonderful family, conversations that made us all smile, and lots of presents for the bride to be.
Oh you like her "bowquet" you say? That is the handy work of my dear friend Lindsey and me. Everyone really put our creativity to the test by only providing us with one actual bow but have no fear, we are two crafty ladies and made several tissue paper flowers instead. Not too bad huh?
It was a such a great time. But then again it always is when I get to spend time with these lovely ladies, who I have been friends with for so long. I am really looking forward to her wedding day, I know it will be beautiful and full of love. Also, have a mentioned there will be a Bachelorette cruise in the very near future? That just sounds dangerous doesn't it?

Computer fail

To those of you who do blog design, computer graphics, programming and basically anything else dealing with computers, I bow down. I used to think I was good with computers when I was younger but then I realized that my parents were just so bad with them that it made me look good. And then I learned a little more about certain programs in college and felt my confidence rising again. And then i got a Mac. Now I feel like a kindergardener on my computer (only a kindergardener is probably more advanced than I am).

I decided that Love, Megan needed a fresh new look. I know it's only a few months old but I wasn't too thrilled with the "logo" I came up with from the beginning. It was all I knew how to do and I have decided that's just not good enough. After reading many tutorials and watching numerous how-to videos I journeyed into the unknown and attempted to create my own logo. One that I actually like.

Four hours later, you know how far I got?
That's it. Just an owl. A pretty darn cute owl if I do say so myself. But four hours for that little fella? Really? The good part though, is that I made him. He's mine and he is one of a kind. And I am proud of that fact but the realization that this whole logo thing is going to take me more than one sitting to create is finally sinking in. I like to do things start to finish so it was hard setting down the computer and walking away to pick it up again the next day. But completely necessary considering I like my eyeballs in my head and my sanity intact.

I'm sure that once you get the hang of it, four hours will produce a lot more than a single owl but for now I am in awe of all of you computer whiz's. If you don't see an updated logo within the next couple of weeks, send someone looking for me...

Family Feud

The hubs and I are big sports fans. We both grew up in cities that revolved around their respective teams and attended sporting events for as far back as we can remember. To put it lightly, we are both very passionate about our teams.

The hubs can still recall his first Cincinnati Reds baseball game and marveling over the large chocolate chip cookie he was given while sitting on his dads lap. And every Sunday during football season we shut everything down, put on our Bengals gear and head to the local sports bar to watch the game. Last season we didn't miss a single one.

As for me, my loyalty lies with the St.Louis Cardinals. At first, it was the appeal of Fredbird (their mascot) dancing around on the field but as I got older I learned to really appreciate the game of baseball. We make it to a spring training game every year while they are in Florida and do our best to make it out to STL whenever possible.

We adopted our towns basketball team (gooo Magic!) and since I had no real ties to the Rams, I too have become a Bengals fan. So our only feud exists in baseball. Between two teams that are well respected.... and in the same division.
At the beginning of the season, we try to support each others teams the best we can as long as they aren't playing each other. But come August, it's time to get serious. Right now our teams are neck and neck for the number one spot in their division. As you can imagine there is a lot of "oh, so how did your team do today? because mine rocked and I already know yours lost" kinda talk. There is also a lot of "when MY team wins goes to the off season..." and "when MY team wins the world series" going on.

When October rolls around, I just hope we are still speaking.

Ok, I kid, we will still be talking. and teasing each other. Because that is what we do. But don't you feel a wee bit scared for our future children? We will both be trying to get them to root for our team and changing their outfit from Reds gear to Cardinals gear and back during baseball season. Poor kids.

My reasoning says that we should cheer for the Cardinals as a family since I took on his football team. Makes sense right? You should all explain that to him.

Puppy Love

No, I am not talking about the kind you experience at sixteen when you are in love obsessed with the cute boy sitting in front of you in pre-calc but doesn't know your name. I am talking about the kind that actually comes from puppies!

This week we have extra puppy love because we are puppy sitting for a cute little guy named Moose. He so graciously allowed Boomer to stay at his house during our cruise so we are returning the favor while his parents are out of town. You would think having three dogs running around the house all day for a week would drive you absolutely insane, right? Wrong. These lazy dogs sleep all day. And then they play. But with each other. I just mediate when one of my dogs inevitably tries to put Moose's entire head in their mouth (yes, they both do this but Moose doesn't seem to mind).

The real difficulty comes in when it is time to take the dogs out.
Lets just say that I have a new kind of respect for dog walkers. But it's not all play time and leash tugging. An extra pup also means extra pup lovin'. An extra tail wagging at you when you walk in the door, extra pup kisses, and extra pup snuggles.
They seriously do this every time we sit on the couch. They do not know what personal space is. Lucky for them, they're cute.

Chirp Chirp

Well, I finally gave in and started using Twitter. I know, I know I'm like five years behind or something. But I realized that if I want to keep up with, well, everything that I needed to get my butt in gear and sign up already.

So if you would like to hear even more of my randomness, follow me :)
And if you tweet/twitter/whatever you call it, let me know so I can follow you!

ps. I have no clue how to use it, so please excuse any nonsense that I am likely to post.

Boo (and not in a fun Halloween way)

Not trying to get into the the politics of this but there is something I am a tad bit confused about.

Why is it that our insurance covers an elective abortion but says you are on your own if you have multiple miscarriages and would like to find out what is wrong with your body? Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? They will help you terminate a pregnancy but not help you succeed in one.

$550 for the x-ray they want to do and they said they "don't know" how much the labs will be. So my bill could be a bajillion dollars and we wont know until it arrives in the mail and yells "Surprise!" ?

Boo to our insurance. Boo to miscarriages. Boo to testing. and Boo to not being millionaires who don't have to worry about paying medical bills.

My usually peppy and optimistic self will return tomorrow. But tonight I am going to sulk (just a little), have a glass of wine, and watch Pretty Little Liars.

Bachelorette Finale

Where to begin?

The Decision.
If I were in Ali's shoes (her always adorable shoes), I would have picked Chris L. hands down. He is the marrying kind with a heart of gold and incredible family. That being said, I did like Roberto and you can't deny the cute factor of those dimples. And after watching the after show, I totally get it. They were all smiling and giddy and what not.

Also, I am so glad they allowed her to break it off with Chris before he prepared to get down on one knee only to be rejected. And the rainbow thing? Pretty fantastic.

In celebration of the finale (yes, we are nerds. we know) we had some champagne and mini cupcakes from Sweet. I cannot even express how yummy those cupcakes are. And don't laugh but I was one champagne glass short...

We were all Team Chris, therefore a little disappointed but Roberto was on my "team" so I got mega points! We haven't totaled the points yet but I am pretty sure I have this one in the bag.

At the end of it all, I only have one question. Who is the next Bachelor? If there is a reality tv god, it will be Chris L.

Summer Soiree

Love, Megan was invited to be a vendor at the Summer Soiree Ladies Lunch in Downtown Orlando on August 29th! This lunch benefits the Providence Academy and 20% of Love, Megan's sales that day will go to them.

What is the Providence Academy, you may ask?
"Providence Academy is a school that fills the void to help children and adolescents who don't fit the model of the current educational system, but who have the potential for learning if the academic setting is appropriate.

The students served by Providence Academy, are children and adolescents who require Integrated Academic and Support Services (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Neurofeedback, Social Skills Training) in order to reach their full potential and be able to live independently."

In addition to yummy food, the luncheon will also have a fashion showcase and several wonderful vendors (obviously ;) ). Plus it is a great opportunity to meet and chat up other lovely ladies like yourselves. I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful event. And if you are a local reader, I do hope to see you there! Tickets are $20.

I will have a variety of wristlets, clutches, cosmetic bags, iphone snuggies, and tote bags set up at a table inside. If you would like more info check out the event on facebook or send me an email and I will do my best to assist.

Happy Monday

Happiness is....
a clean house!

I may be alone in this but I absolutely love the smell of cleaning products, especially the lemony scented ones. The way a house smells after a good moping of the floors and scrub of the shelves and countertops is heavenly.

Our Saturday was spent cleaning and reorganizing. all. day. long. Not a speck of dust or strand of dog hair was left when we were done (which lasted a whole five minutes). The hubs finally organized his office for the first time since we have been in the house and I cleaned up the sewing room, which has been a disaster since I started Love, Megan.

When the house is clean and organized I feel like I can relax a little. It's just one less thing to stress about and it sure is nice to look at!


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