Welcome to my week

I have been a very bad blogger lately :( Forgive me? To make up for my lack of blogging as of late, here is what I have been up to this past week (in pictures, of course):

Feeding, bathing, walking, playing with, and most of all loving these adorable babies,
cheering on the Magic and being extremely disappointed when they lost to the Celtics, :(
sneaking pictures of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! (did I mention I am a huge dork?),
enjoying blue slushies w/ my brother @ Universal,
being spoiled by my hubby <3,
fantasy bachelorette draft w/ my favorite ladies,
beating my brother in scrabble,
spending an amazing day at the beach with the most handsome man,
and having lunch at the hubs favorite place w/ my momma and brother.
(yup, that's a mohawk....)
As you can see I am very blessed with my hubs, family, friends, pups, and sunshine. And I pinky-promise to keep up with the blog better this week!

Let's get it started

After a lot of thought, I have finally decided to try to sell some of my crafty things. It's something I dabbled in a bit during college (selling a few bags here and there to classmates who asked about them) but I never really gave it any dedication. Well, I am ready to give that dedication now.

The plan is to get started on Etsy.com, such a great place for starting a creative business. And being married to a banker is definitely beneficial. He is so sweetly guiding me through the financial aspect of my future little business, reminding me of expenses that I might overlook and helping me figure out pricing and what not. It would take me a lot longer to get started if it weren't for him.

There are a couple of snags in the plan at the moment. First of all, I want to offer a nice variety of fabrics, colors, and styles in order to provide something for everyone but I haven't been able to find a fabric store that offers the assortment I am looking for. I have not been satisfied with the selection at my local Joanns lately, although I do love their 40% off coupons. So the search for fabric variety continues.

My second dilemma, and the one that is bugging me the most, is a name. What do I call my little business? I want something cute and a bit ambiguous. Everything I think of is either already taken or totally lame. One that I can't get off of my mind is "Sew Lovely" but of course there is already an Etsy seller with that name. The same goes for any other name that I "decide" on. I have looked everywhere I can think of for inspiration but I am still coming up empty. Luckily I still have time to figure it out since I am not quite ready to get the shop up and running. I still have fabric to find and lots of cutting and sewing to do.

It's very exciting even beginning this process. I'm not sure how long it will take before the shop is ready but I will keep everyone updated. If you have any tips or suggestions for getting started feel free to share :)

"The Draft"

Every year when football season rolls around the hubs and his friends gather at one of their houses for their fantasy football draft. It's all they talk about in the weeks leading up to it. And what do they talk about all season long, in addition to their usual football talk? Yup, you guessed it, fantasy football. Don't get me wrong, I like football. The hubs and I spent every Sunday afternoon last season at a local sports bar so we could watch the Bengals play and I loved every minute of it. I even think this whole fantasy football thing is pretty cool and it's kinda cute how much all of the guys get into it. But it is literally all they can talk about when they get together and us ladies were starting to feel a little left out. So we decided to start a little fantasy league of our own...

No I'm not talking about football, it's much more serious than that. This Monday night we are having the draft for our lovely creation "Fantasy Bachelor/Bachelorette."

The last season of The Bachelor was our first go at "Fantasy Bachelor". About a week or so before the show airs they release, on the abc website, pictures of the contestants along with some basic info on each (age, job, hometown). One of the lovely ladies in our group prints out each of the pictures and glues them on little notecards (yes, she is awesome).

For our draft we (like the boys) meet up at one of our houses (usually with wine & junk food) and spread all of the notecards out on a table. We draw names out of a hat to determine the order we pick and then we start picking contestants one by one until there are none left. We try to strategize by picking girls that look "nice" or live near the Bachelor or share the same career field but these proved to be horrible assessments. The "nice" girls turn out to be crazy's and well, so did more than half of the other girls, but that's what makes it so fun!

To make the game more interesting, we came up with a point system based on typical things contestants do while on The Bachelor. For example we get points if one of our contestants gets in a fight, cries, says "I love you", gets belligerent, receives a rose, etc. This way we all have an equal chance at winning (having the most points) even if we don't have a contestant remaining in the final two. So it's actually beneficial to get one of the crazy's (like Michelle from last season, she was certifiable but got me tons of points!). Of course, we will have to tweak it a little this time around since we are dealing with a Bachelorette instead of a Bachelor but it will essentially be the same kind of thing.

I checked out the male contenders for this season and I have to admit I am a bit disappointed... No one really stands out, but then again, these are also just pictures. Right now I think my top choice is Derrick or maybe Chris H.? Take a look at the guys and tell me what you think. Maybe you can spot a crazy that will get me lots of points, or a jerk who will fight with the other guys, or even better, the winner! Share your opinions and feel free to get a couple friends together and have your own "Fantasy Bachelor" but please let me know if you do! Once we figure out our point system for this season I will share it, in case anyone is interested :)

Wittle Ducks

Lucy's eggs hatched the other morning and I got to watch it through our screen! Pretty neat to see. So meet the little ones:
I took it upon myself to decide that the two with the yellow faces are girls (because they are cute and appear to be wearing eye-liner) and the two with the brown faces are boys. It's my disney-esque situation so I will decide whatever I want, hmph. And yes, I named them even though I can't tell them apart and once they get bigger I will have no idea which ducks they are among the many that live around the lake but again, my backyard, my rules.

And in case you were wondering, I purposely did not include Lucy in this picture. She is a bit on the scary side and I don't want you all to hate her. Plus I am in denial that these adorable wittle ducklings will turn out to be big ugly black ducks with strange red bumps on their faces. Ew.

Sew Fantastic!

Ever since I can remember I have loved all things crafty and creative. Bedazzling hats in 2nd grade, mixing perfume samples in 5th, making my own christmas cards in middle school, scrap booking in high school, and teaching myself to sew freshman year of college, just to name a few. I bought myself my very own sewing machine the summer after my first year of college with my minimum wage pay check I earned from working at the local craft store. It didn't take long for me to learn how to use it... and repair it (which I do often since I did buy one of the cheapest ones from Walmart).

My poor sewing machine was left neglected in the closet in our tiny one bedroom apartment for a year due to lack of space but now she has her very own room in our house! And I finally have the opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with her. Here is a peek into the crafty side of my life.

Disclaimer: Ok ok maybe "Sew Fantastic" isn't exactly the best title for this post. I probably should have went with something like "Sew Average" or "Attempting to be Sew Fantastic" but really they just weren't as catchy. So don't be disappointed when the items below aren't really that fantastic...

Felt iPhone Covers

Felt Flower Hair Clips
(I got this idea from one of my fav blogs, MrsPriss)

Wristlet w/ Flower
(the flower is my fav part, probably because it took the longest)

Dress out of mens polo shirt
(please excuse the lack of make-up and hair brushing...)

I would really like to do some tutorials on how to make some of these items but I am still perfecting them. Once I get the hang of it and stop changing things myself than I will attempt to do a tutorial. In the meantime I will continue my love affair with my sewing machine and hopefully will have more crafts to share soon!

Along Came Lucy

Anyone who has spent much time with me outdoors is well aware of my feelings towards birds. I don't like them. Some would go as far as to say that I hate them. And that's not exactly right. I don't hate them, I just think that they are gross and evil. Just thinking about them gives me the shivers [yuck!]. I may also be terrified of them but that's irrelevant. The only non-evil birds are owls (from a distance and only because they make me think of my Mam-maw) and penguins (which I do not consider to be birds at all but that's a story for another time).

{side note: owls and penguins are my two fav animals... hypocritical? maybe. insane? most definitely.}

When we first moved into our house we were greeted by twenty starving, scary, loud ducks poking through our screen porch... for someone who already has a bad relationship with winged creatures, this is a nightmare. And these ducks are not normal ducks either. They are massive and ugly and make weird noises (not the cute but annoying quacking like the Aflac duck). Apparently the previous owners had raised this herd of ducks and fed them twice a day, every day for the past thirteen years.

My first thought was to have the hubs and his man friends round these ducks up and ship them off to some other lake far far away from me. The only problem was, despite my disgust with these creatures, I could not be the cause of any harm done to them and that includes possibly turning them into gator bate (because lets face it, most lakes in florida = gator city). I was also told that those people in the phone book that you can call to remove them actually poison them, not capture them and send them off to that magical farm like the one your parents say your dog went to when you were little. Not an option.

After WEEKS of them flocking to our back patio, begging for food, and poking holes in our screen causing me to close the blinds and hide in the kitchen (because, duh, they were trying to attack me) they went away. Not completely away, some of them stayed, but a lot of them left. And the ones that stayed learned to find food on there own and stopped harassing me. They just swam in the lake and pooped in other peoples yards so I accepted their existence.

We went on living, accepting each other from a distance for almost a year until a few weeks ago when along came Lucy. Lucy is one of the female ducks (not as scary as the males and about half the size). She decided to build a nest right next to our backdoor, perfectly hidden from danger by our giant bamboo tree and the side of our house. I wasn't really sure what to do about this at first and I did not like her crossing our established boundaries. And then I peeked in her nest and saw her looking up at me (yikes) and realized that she was just hanging out, keeping her eggs warm. She laid eggs... in my backyard... and I didn't mind. Actually I thought it was kinda cool. Weird right? It gets weirder...

Two terrors (aka pre-teen boys) decided they like chasing ducks around the lake.
My response: Ok, normal kid stuff, whatev.
Then they decided they like throwing rocks at them.
My response: Hmmm, they have terrible aim and this could possibly result in them falling into said lake so I'll just give them a little warning and ask them nicely to stop.
Then they decided to pick up my duck and take her away from her precious eggs, putting them all in danger!
My response: Throw rocks at kids and push them in lake.... Ok, I didn't really do that but I thought about.... I really did run outside and yell at them, hopefully scaring them enough to keep them away.

And then I went and checked on Lucy. ME! I went and checked on a duck. My sworn enemy.
Oh, and then I named her. And called her mine. Did you notice that? Who am I? I blame all those Disney movies I watch. I can't help that when I see her I picture a disney-esque scenario. She's the momma duck just trying to protect her babes, who will one day grow up to wear little blue sailor jackets or big purple bows, they might even swim around in a safe full of gold coins. How am I to know?
Will Lucy be the portal to the demise of my bird-phobia? Probably not. But it's a start right? Trips to the beach and amusement parks sure would be a lot easier and much less embarrassing (especially for the hubs, who I hide behind as I scream like a five year little girl while people stare). This is definitely a step in the right direction.

ETA: The terrors were back today and they did not mess with a single duck... instead they attempted to throw rocks at each others boy parts while yelling words that I am positive they don't know the meaning of. I also witnessed them scoop up with their hands and drink the lake water... this all happened within the 5 minutes I was outside with Wenty... this is our future folks.


Mother's Day. I couldn't help but think, in the days leading up to it, that this should be my first mothers day. I should have a little one that the hubs lays in bed with me on the morning of mothers day so I can have some snuggles while I eat my breakfast in bed or I should be rubbing my growing belly in anticipation of our little ones arrival... but then I remind myself: "one day" (and hopefully that day is next year but you know, I am trying to be patient).

Luckily I have the most amazing "Mommas" in my life and thinking about how fortunate I am to have them definitely made the day a positive thing. I think it is so important to let the people you love know how you feel and to do so often. And although, there is no way I can fully express my love and gratefulness to these women, it wont stop me from trying.

To My Momma
I know people say this all the time, but I truly do not know where I would be without you. No matter what was going on in my life you were always there to listen, offer kind words, and most of all, to support me. Growing up, you always let me make my own decisions, even though there were more than a few you wouldn't have chosen yourself. This allowed me to learn and grow into my own person, a person I would not be without you. I have always known how lucky I am to have such an understanding and encouraging mom but it seems to become more clear every day. At all times you have tried to give me the best of everything. The older I get, the more our bond changes and grows. I look forward many more years of your love and friendship. Thank you for being my mom and my best friend.

To My Momma-in-law
I was so incredibly nervous to meet you for the first time. I asked the hubs what I could talk to you about and if he thought you would like me, I worried that you wouldn't. Then I saw you walking towards us... smiling. And you gave me such a warm hug that I knew from that moment we were going to get along just fine. "Mother-in-law" seems to carry a negative connotation to most people but to me it means "love. support. kindness. caring. strength. mom". You have raised such amazing "kids" and thanks to you I have a sweet, smart, funny gentleman as a husband. I cannot thank you enough for that. I honestly love spending time with you (sometimes I tease the hubs that I get more excited to visit than he does) and I appreciate you welcoming me into the family the way you have.

To My Mam-maw:
You are someone I have always looked up to. Your strength and devotion to your family are qualities not everyone is lucky enough to have in a grandmother. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching movies with you before bed in your room and Christmas in your living room. And even though we have never lived in the same state, I have always felt close to you. I hope you realize how much of an impact you have had on my life. You are an unbelievable woman. mother. sister. grandmother. friend. and I could not have asked for a better role model. Thank you for all of the love you have shown me.

Mommas shape us, they teach about life and love, they take care of us, and they strive to give us all the things we need. So take time to tell the "Mommas" in your life how much you appreciate them, not just today but every day. They need to hear it, they deserve it.

Me vs. The Yard

Typically in our house the hubs takes care of all outdoor maintenance (mowing, bug stuff, trees, whatever else is out there) and I take care of things inside (laundry, mopping, dishes, and so on). Of course, we both help each other out here and there, I've raked a time or two and he helps with the dishes occasionally but yesterday was my first real day of yard work.

I thought I would hate it. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting sweaty and dirty. And I actually enjoy the physical labor/being in the sun part because hello you get a workout and a tan while still doing something productive! Bonus! The reason I thought I would hate it so much is because I like things clean and organized. I love love love the smell of cleaning products (especially those with a lemony scent. yum). I get a thrill from walking barefoot across newly mopped tile (after it's dry, duh). The smell of freshly washed, warm laundry is heavenly and don't even get me started on a nice crisp fold. Oh and organization? Finding a nice little place for everything, labeling, sorting, filing.... pure joy!

Now that you all think I am crazy, I will get to my point. Obviously I cannot organize the outdoors the way my heart truly desires. No matter how many leaves I rake (and pick up one by one) to clear the yard, there will always be more. It's never ending and that will take some getting used to. I can't make it look perfect right away, which is another struggle. Waiting isn't necessarily something I prefer but I do realize that my flowers will grow taller and bloom more. But overall I really had fun doing yard work yesterday! Weird right?

In fact, I liked it so much that I did it again today. I actually went to Home Depot sans the hubs and picked up additional flowers and mulch (which I researched, because that's just how I roll). Then, I came home and you know what I did? I planted those flowers and finished off my flower bed thingy with mulch! ME! All by myself! I even watered the sod we put down yesterday twice already. Although I'm a little afraid that I will become obsessed and try to control every aspect of the yard, I am glad to have a new hobby. Plus, the front of the house is looking pretty awesome!

Pictures will come soon, once the rest of the front yard is finished. And don't be surprised if I point out every little part that I worked on... again, it's how I roll.


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