[ About Me ]

Hi there, I'm Megan. Wife to a hilarious and ridiculously handsome man and momma to the sweetest baby girl there is. I'm a big fan of wine, baseball, and Disney movies. I smile a lot and have a tendency of being overly optimistic. Lately my days have been spent chugging coffee, cleaning spit up out of my hair, and answering every command of the tiny princess that now rules my home. 

And this here is my very own little piece of the internet. It started as a pregnancy journal which too quickly turned into an outlet after my miscarriages and then triumphantly back into a place to document a successful pregnancy and now my journey into mommy-hood. But it has also been much more than that: a place to share pictures and stories, therapy, a connection to many fantastic women who I now call friends, inspiration to sell my crafts, and so much more. My space here may be small but it's cozy. 


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