Thrifty Finds

Love, Megan has been asked to be a vendor at a charity luncheon (more on that later!) so I was in need for some things to set up a table. Since I am such a newbie, I have no clue what I want or need and I also don't have the funds to go on a shopping spree for brand new items, especially if I'm not sure that I will use them.

Instead, I grabbed a wonderful friend to help me sift through numerous thrift stores in search of some hidden treasures that I could use. It wasn't until the last store that we found most of these gems:
some picture frames and a set of owl statues
After a much needed scrub down and a nice coat or two of spray paint, they became useful items to be used on my table for the charity lunch.
my spray painted goodies, as well as my other thrifty finds
I plan to use the two empty frames for pricing and custom order info. At least that's the plan right now and I change my mind every five minutes so we shall see. It was fun, and gross at the same time, searching through peoples disregarded things to find little treasures for myself.

Don't you think aqua is totally that little owls color? It looks great on him!

By the way, this was my first time using spray paint. like. ever. I typically don't do well with paint (just ask the hubs about the shelf painting on the balcony. yikes.) but spray paint is so easy. I have been getting the urge to randomly spray things around the house and while I am fighting those urges for now, I fear that by next week everything in my house will be either purple or aqua...

Pretty dresses and things

As I have mentioned many times before, I love planning. And today I realized how much I miss planning our wedding. I don't miss having to pay for those plans but making them was so much fun! I realize a lot of people view wedding planning as a form of torture and probably consider me crazy for thinking otherwise but I would gladly plan one every year if the hubs and budget allowed for it. Luckily I get to live vicariously through my best friend who is getting married in March and just so happens to hate planning.

We spent the morning looking for bridesmaid dresses (with much success!) and then had about a three in a half hour lunch full of wedding talk and plans. I think we got a lot accomplished during our lunch and were finally able to find the perfect shade of purple for some of the bridesmaid dresses. I say some because there will be two colors and two styles, and they are both gorgeous.
I will be in that strapless purple number and we will alternate every other girl. I can't wait to see it all together on all of the lovely ladies. It is so exciting preparing for your best friends wedding! It fills me with all kinds of happy's thinking of her in her beautiful dress and standing right by her side like she stood by mine. ::tear::

But seriously, someone needs to convince the hubs that we should have a wedding at least every other year. And someone also needs to volunteer to fund these weddings. Try not to all rush forward at once.

Feed the lions

When I was little I had quite the imagination. I would come up with some of the craziest explanations for things. One in particular crossed my mind this morning as my stomach was growling away, impatiently awaiting the cheese to melt on my grilled ham and cheese sandwich. (yes, that is what I had for breakfast. don't judge me)
This is what I thought lived in my stomach... When someone first told me that my stomach was "growling" I immediately pictured a wee little lion just hanging out in a big black empty space (my tummy) waiting for me to feed it. How this seemed possible, even to a five year old, I have no idea but I truly believed that was the case.

When I would get sick, I thought it was the lion. Maybe I ate something he didn't like or I didn't eat enough or about a million other scenarios my imaginative little mind came up with. When I would eat something sweet I would think to myself how much the little lion was going to like it and when I had to eat my veggies I would feel bad for the lion. CRAZY! I know. What a strange child I was.

But I absolutely adore hearing some of the crazy things kids come up with these days. The imagination of a child is like nothing else and it amazes me sometimes the lengths it will go.

What are some of the silly things you thought when you were younger? Or that you have heard little ones come up with? Please share!

Well, hello there Monday

Happiness is....
a loving husband!
I don't know how I would have gotten through this past weekend without the hubs. And this could be said about so many weeks/days/months/moments. He is my rock. He holds my hair back when I have food poisoning, runs to the store for pads and chocolate after finding out we've miscarried, cooks and cleans while I have my head buried under the covers, and tells me I am pretty even though I know I look like a hot mess.

He's kinda the best, don't ya think? I sure do.

Sorry though ladies, you can't have him, he's mine and I don't share. But I highly suggest finding a loving husband of your own. I got mine at American Eagle but I have heard you can find them just about anywhere. ;)

New Projects

There is nothing like a few new projects to help get my mind off of certain things and (when they go well) to put me in a better mood. Two in particular lifted my spirits and got my creative juices flowing. I don't usually like to share my "rough drafts" because they have flaws, I use scraps so they aren't always very pretty, and there are almost always changes I want to make but I will make an exception this time.

Cosmetic bag
a peek inside:
side view:
I used a home decor fabric for the outside and unfortunately no lining because I didn't have anything lying around the house but I plan to use an oil cloth lining to account for spills and what not. I also want to add a handle on the side and an inside zipper. I plan on making these suitable for guys as well (only larger and as a travel bag, unless they like make-up. To each their own).

Pleated Clutch
I heart this one. So cute! I have a lot of different ideas that I plan on trying out with this design. Fun new flowers, bold bright patterns. Oh the possibilities!

I will update with my edited versions of these gems when I have time to hit up Joanns for some new materials.


So, in addition to all of the lovely things already going on with my body right now, I got some sort of food poisoning last night.

In the words of Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers, "REALLY!?!"

A terrible feeling in my stomach (you know, right above where all of the other terrible feelings in body currently reside) and some totally awesome night sweats woke me up at 4am. That was followed by dry heaving and lots of chunks (you are welcome for the visual). Luckily the hubs is my very own personal superman and quickly provided me with a hair clip, tissues, and glass of water. Honestly, he deserves some type of medal.

Miscarriage and food poisoning, really?! Looks like today calls for some serious retail therapy. And since I am stuck on the couch, online shopping will have to do. If you need me I will be over at, "just looking" if the hubs asks.

Favorite Things [Cruise Edition]

Sunsets on the top deck,
uninterrupted time with the hubs,
endless amounts of chocolate,
drinking the local Bahamian beer....and the results,
good company,
acting like a little kid,
getting a tan and a new toy,
the clear blue water and amazing views.

We're Back

Well, we made it home! And I would really love to tell you all about our awesome vacation, because it was really fun and I have some great pictures to share but I just can't do that right now. I am not in the right frame of mind to share fun stories and cute pictures, I just wouldn't do it justice.

I am confined to the couch yet again, in physical pain and, what seems like, unending heartache. Last night, following our last dinner on the cruise boat, began our third miscarriage. I found out a couple days before leaving for our cruise that we were pregnant again. We hadn't told anyone yet and weren't planning to do so until after our first ultrasound but once again, we didn't quite make it that far.

It just doesn't seem fair and I definitely don't understand it but here we are. Discussions of testing have already begun but we haven't decided on anything yet. We're not even sure if we could afford the necessary testing (that stuff is expensive!).

I am in a bit of a daze right now. Sorry for the scattered thoughts. We are keeping our heads up and staying positive for the fourth time around. They say third is the one with the hairy chest anyway right? We wouldn't want that.

Favorite things from our cruise and a more positive outlook coming soon. But for now, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we battle yet another loss. Let it be our last.

Happy Birthday Daddy

"They say she's got her momma's eyes.
She hides 'em well behind her daddy's smile.
They say she's got her daddy's pride.
She walks around all day with her head held up so high.
And she says daddy I know you're listening.
Daddy I know you're there.
Cuz I've been talking with angels.
And they tell me that you still care."

Happy Monday!

Happiness is....
family vacations!

I have always loved them. Even when I was in that awkward "parents aren't cool" phase, I still loved a good family vacation.
When I was little and living in Missouri, most of our family vacations were to the beach. Swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, trips to Disney World, pretending to be the little mermaid in the hotel pool, making shell necklaces. Amazing!
As I got older and we moved to our old vacation spot our destination ironically changed to Missouri. Cardinals games, shows in Branson, bumper boats, trips to the zoo and arch, visiting family and old friends. Again, amazing! We always drive and usually stop at fun places along the way. There's nothing like a road trip with the fam.

I can't wait to tell you all about our most recent family vaca when we return!

Bon Voyage

In a mere seven hours or so (but who's counting?) we will be on a cruise boat destined for the Bahamas. Woohoo! The goal is to soak up healthy amounts of sun, enjoy quality time with the fam, eat massive amounts of food, and relax.
I have a couple of posts pre-written and scheduled for Monday but other than that I will be out of touch until sometime on Thursday. Be ready for lots of pictures upon my return. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend/week!

Just say NO to peeing on sticks

Well, the hubs had to hide the pregnancy tests from me... again. With my body's schedule so out of whack these days I want to test like every day. Unfortunately, pregnancy tests aren't exactly free so we decided pick a day in the future and test on that day. The problem is that I just can't seem to wait until that day and with the hubs being gone all day it is just too tempting!

I tested a couple of days ago (way too early! I have no self control!) and of course got a BFN (big fat negative). With the last pregnancy I got 3 BFN's from testing too early. You would think I would have learned my lesson right? Well, you would be wrong. Now we have had to resort to the hubs hiding them from me... because I am a child and it is the only way I will not go through a hundred of them.

My body cannot be trusted. Any "signs of pregnancy" I think I might have, could also be from AF's late arrival or the fact that I ate something funny for breakfast. I just don't trust it. But I refuse to go looking for the tests. There is no need to be let down yet (especially if it's wrong). BFN's are just not fun. So I will be good. I will wait until our planned testing day.... but if you find me sneaking around in the office or closet and then sprinting to the bathroom, I advise you not get in the way.

What's inside my beach bag?

Even though it is pouring down rain outside right now, I am still in the summer spirit. For most of us Floridians the summer sun means beach time! We haven't been able to make too many trips to the sandy paradise yet this summer but my beach bag is always ready to go. Lets take a look inside:
the bag (yeah it's VS but it's the only bag I own big enough for all our junk)
the sunscreens (body & face because my skin hates me) and lotion in case of sun overdose
my iphone so I can listen to my tunes and my sunglasses (for obvious reasons I hope)
either a volleyball, aerobie (like a frisbee but more fun), or a football
my favorite chap stick and our giant, two person Ron Jons towel (whatever it is awesome)
snacks (then again I don't go many places without snacks)
and last but not least a little lunch box cooler filled with water and occasionally some light beer, depending on our mood (although we bring normal sized cans not like the one pictured which appears to be on steroids)

See why I need the big bag? So maybe I over pack a little but I never hear anyone complaining while they enjoy all the goodies I brought. Can't wait for our next beach trip!

Weekend Life for the Beauty & the Banker

Friday: We were totally boring and stayed in and watched Die Hard (one of my absolute fave's!) and ate the hubs famous pork chops for dinner and just relaxed. I love when we have lazy Friday nights just snuggled up on the couch! The poor hubs usually has to work a little later on Friday's so it's nice to just have time to unwind from the stresses of the day and just enjoy each other.

Saturday: After doing yard work and cleaning the early morning away we put our dancing shoes on and met up with some friends for a free Salsa dancing lesson! (Did you see that part where I said it was free? We like free!). I honestly could not believe that the hubs agreed to this. He is not a dancer. And by that, I don't mean that he can't dance, just that he refuses to. The only exceptions are if he has been drinking (a lot) and our wedding day. Other than that he sticks solely to slow dancing.

The lessons were actually a little disappointing. We did learn a really basic step but it didn't last very long and it wasn't with a partner. But it was free so I shouldn't really complain. Plus I got to see my uncoordinated husband stumble around in his attempt to Salsa a little (it was so stinkin' cute!). I only wish I had video taped it... After the "lesson" we headed next door to a bar and drank some free beer and ate some snacks. That was a little more up our alley.

My brother came over when we got home. We took him to see Grown Ups (cute movie) and then I read my book while the boys played video games all night. Typical. And I passed out way before they finished playing.

Sunday: We woke up pretty early, ate breakfast, and left for Universal. The Harry Potter World (awesome) was pretty packed but my brother hadn't been yet so we walked around a little bit and rode a couple of rides before heading back home to meet up with my momma and hang out at the house for a while.

After they left, the hubs and I relaxed on the couch (we like to do that if you haven't noticed) and I attempted to play video games with him (I suck). Again, it was nice just to spend time with him.

There you have it. A weekend in our shoes.

Happy Monday :)

Happiness is....
reality tv with a side of girl talk!

Every Monday night I get together with five other girls to watch The Bachelorette and do our Fantasy Bachelor/ette. These two hours plus are filled will delicious snacks, rowdy pups, copious amounts of girl talk, more snacks, laptops/score sheets and a silly reality tv show in the background. I don't think a single minute passes that there isn't laughter about something. We may not actually watch a whole lot of the show but it's a great excuse to get together at least once a week. Girl time is definitely a necessity in the key to happiness :)
Remember that giveaway I mentioned a while back, here, that I would be participating in with the lovely Becca who so kindly did my blog design? Well it's going on now over at her blog The Paro Post! She is doing a bunch a giveaways with some very talented Etsy shop owners (and I get to be one of them!). Head on over there and enter to win this little owl iPhone Snuggie:
Click here to be taken directly to the post with the Love, Megan giveaway! You have until July 15 to enter! And while you're over there check out her other giveaways and read some of her posts, I'm sure you will love her.

While I am on a roll telling you all where to go I might as well throw another link at you. I've added some fun new wristlets to Love, Megan that were inspired by local colleges. If you would like one made for a school or team you don't see listed just send me a message and I would be more than happy to create something for you!

Sorry such a business-y post but a fun post is coming soon about our weekend adventures (which include Salsa dancing lessons!) to make up for it :)


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