Steppin' Out Saturday 1-29-11

sweater: american eagle
jeans: aerie
boots: steve madden

For the first time in a while we actually went out on a Saturday night... but this is actually from Friday night. I'm such a cheater. We went out for dinner with the hubs co-workers on Friday and I stayed up way past by bed time.

Then after a fun day at work (no really. that's not sarcasm, I actually have fun at work most of the time) I quickly changed and went out with our friends for some cheese and wine. And by "some" I mean a lot! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to snap a picture. Luckily I was expecting myself to be a grandma and stay at home so I had taken one the night before.

Can't wait to see everyone's outfits this week :)

My new lover

Up until about a month ago I have been a Walgreens/CVS make-up kind of girl. Any brand you can find in their make-up aisles, I have tried. With no success I should add. But it was all I knew! I have never been good at applying make-up, my "day time" and "night time" applications were identical, so I figured why spend a ton of money on make-up I don't even know how to apply. It seemed like it would be a waste on me. Boy was I wrong!

Once I started working my lovely twelve hour shifts at the hospital I finally realized how crappy my make-up really was. By the end of the day my face was shiny and any presence of makeup had completely disappeared. I looked tired (which I totally was but no one needs to know that by looking at me!) and felt like I needed to wash my face before even leaving work. That's when I knew it was time to shell out some cash and graduate to some big girl make-up.

I took a trip to MAC. Need I really say more? It's make-up heaven! A lovely man helped me pick out the perfect foundation, a brilliant concealer and an eye shadow that would complement my scrubs. This stuff rocks! I totally fell in love. Not only did I receive compliments the next day at work but I left at the end of the day with my face still in-tact and looking just like I did when I walked in that morning (only more awake).

The hubs saw how much I liked my new stuff so for our anniversary (which was amazing) he made me an appointment at MAC to have my make-up done and bought me what they used. I know, the hubs rocks!

This is the beginning of a beautiful, and very expensive, relationship.

Not only did they do my make-up beautifully but they also showed me how to do it myself and other little tricks I had somehow not learned in my twenty four years of life. I'm trying to be a little more adventurous with it and it's just so much fun!

Next big girl venture: learning how to do my hair.

Why was I such a tom boy growing up?


Let me point out the obvious, I have not been writing much lately. But I am going to be completely honest with you all in telling you that I have not written for all of your benefit. The thing is, my mind has been completely and utterly occupied with only one repeating thought. The inner workings of my brain have gone a little something like this over the past couple of months:

"baby. baby. baby. i really want a baby. when will it be our time? baby. baby. am i pregnant? my boobs hurt, that must mean i am pregnant. baby. baby. cramps. negative pregnancy test after test. baby. baby. baby. why is this so hard for us? i must be pregnant. these hormones are killing me. i am two weeks late why are all of these tests negative? baby. baby...."

I think that pretty much sums up the loop my mind has been stuck on. And in case any of that was misleading, no I am not pregnant. The whole process has really taken its tole on me as of lately. My optimism takes a beating each month as my hopes rise and fall so rapidly. I am finally feeling all of that stress I had building up and it's just making me so tired.

We are still trying and I am doing my best to just relax and let things happen. It's just hard for me to think of anything else at the moment but I am working on it. Bare with me.

Steppin' Out Sunday 1-23-11

tank: old navy
sweatshirt: forever 21
jeans: old navy
slippers: target (from monkey costume)

Again, I was boring and worked all day on Saturday so there was no stepping out then. Which I will also be doing the next two Saturdays (awesome). So this is from today while watching the hubs cook :) My momma and little brother came over today for a math tutoring session (for brother, not momma) and some lunch (for all). I can't believe I had not seen since Christmas! It was nice to catch up, I wish they lived just a tiny bit closer. Now onto some football watching!

Steppin' Out Saturday 1-15-11

top: forever 21
cardigan: express
belt: target (I think)
jeans: express
shoes: white house / black market
awkward/stiff pose: that's all me

This is my "let's go shopping and plan a bridal shower for my best friend" outfit. And it worked like a charm because plans are underway and I am feeling really good about it. Can't wait to share the details when it's all done :)

Our Fairytale {1.17.09}

With our second wedding anniversary rapidly approaching (eek!) I figured it was a perfect time to share with you all one of the most special days of my life. Our wedding day...

The day started early with hair, make-up, mimosas, and a hotel room full of family and close friends.
The hubs was such a sweetheart and walked to the local Farmers Market and then dropped off these beautiful flowers. He's so sneaky that I didn't even see him bring them by :)

Two white horses dropped me off at the top of the aisle. My little brother helped me down and walked me down the aisle as one of my oldest friends sang "Magic". And that's exactly what it felt like.

With our closest friends by our sides and all of our family watching, we made a lifelong promise to each other.

Our vows were sealed with a kiss and we were just a little excited about being husband and wife.

We rode off together (which may be corny but I love it) for some pictures before returning to the reception.

Our wedding party

We danced all night long, ate delicious food and even more delicious cake, enjoyed each other and all of our loved ones, we celebrated...

(getting low for Shout!)

I could live that day over and over again. It was almost perfect. We all missed my dad like crazy and I may have let some tears fall as I walked down the aisle without him but my not so little brother did such an amazing job helping me keep it together and was strong enough for the both of us.

Overall it was a happy and beautiful day and I wouldn't change a second of it :)

I can read your mind

And I know that you are thinking: "where the heck have you been girl?"

I wish I had an awesome answer for you like "Oh, sorry I couldn't blog but I was on a European vacation" or "I have been just so busy winning the lottery and spending millions that I forgot all about the internet." Unfortunately my reasons are much more simple and boring. Work and my sicky husband have occupied most of my time. And the other small percentage that isn't taken up my those two things is dedicated to household things, like laundry and dishes, or sleep.

I think things might be getting back to "normal" now. A little less work, a little more fun, a lot more blogging :)

It's that time again...

Fantasy Bachelor time that is!

If you're new around these parts I've blogged about our "draft" here and gave an example of how the whole thing works here. We have a group of six ladies for this season and had our big draft last night before the premiere. There was a ridiculous amount of cheese, sparkling wine, and gossip! I loved every minute of it! All six of us are still a little skeptical of this years Bachelor, Brad Womack. Even though I didn't see his season the first time around, I'm just not sure if he has a whole lot of personality or charm despite his good looks.

Let's get to the good stuff... the chosen ladies! I started the night off with ten "interesting" ladies but after the big cut I am down to six. Here they are:

(Keep in mind that these ladies were picked before I knew anything about them other then looks, age, and occupation.)

First impressions:

Ashley S. - My first pick and a good one. She seems sweet, has an adorable accent, and made me cry within the first 2 minutes since she, too, recently lost her dad. Seems to be a girl next door/ sweet southern belle type.

Chantal - She was drafted somewhere in the middle. She is very pretty but wasn't shown a whole lot so that's all I have to go by right now.

Lisa M. - Based on her little questionnaire thing I thought she was going to be a total hippie but she showed up over spray tanned and in ruby slippers (which I actually thought were cute). She's one of those that might slip through the cracks for a little while but doesn't have a ton of personality.

Kimberly - Wait who? I only picked her because she's from Orlando.

Madison - Um. The girl has fangs. Like on purpose and permanent. I picked her because she was supposed to be the hot model but it works out because she is the crazy person and they always get lots of points :)

Emily - My fave! Sweet southern belle. Gorgeous. Seems really genuine. I heart her.

So what do you think ladies? Do I have a winner amongst my girls? Who are you rooting for?

Oh hai 2011!

The new year got off to a bit of a rough start. The hubs grandpa passed away last week and he traveled to Ohio for the funeral while I stayed here with the pups. Being away from the hubs is no fun, especially on New Years. We had plans to go out with friends to celebrate but with the hubs away and me working so much I decided to stay home with the pups instead. We talked on the phone at midnight, watched the ball drop on tv and I had two very slobbery midnight kisses.

Since I spent the first minutes of 2011 alone I decided that the first day of the year should be different. What better way to start off a new year than with a themed party? You all know how much I love a themed party!

Oh yes, I attended a Lumberjack party. Try not to be jealous. It was so full of the awesome it's hard to explain. But I'll try :)

lumberjack snacks = flap jacks galore, bacon, maple syrup, hot dogs (wrapped in pancakes), pigs in a blanket, and blueberries
there were sparklers, dance battles, and plenty of beer
It was a nice start to the year, the only thing missing was my hubby. But he should be back to me tomorrow! I'm looking forward to many more themed parties and good times with friends that this new year will surely bring :)


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