Birthday Week :)

What this week entailed: Sadie smiles, date night on my birthday with the hubs (first one since Miss Sadie), trading in my badge for my super momma cape, spring polish, ruffle butt + baby legwarmers, nap time, and some baby love for Mommy and Daddy.

It has been a wonderful week! I have been working on setting a better schedule for myself now that I am staying home full time. I am no where near figuring that out yet but I will get there. I got to celebrate my birthday with my wonderful family. I am so in love with being a stay at home mom.

Have a great weekend!

Twenty Six

Yesterday we celebrated my 26th birthday. Last year on this day I blew out my candles, wishing to get pregnant again and for a healthy baby. I was just a few short days away from finding out that baby girl up there was in my belly. This year I have her in my arms. Life is full of miracles and this happens to be my favorite one.

Sadie and I spent most of the day in our jammies, lounging around. We took a nice long nap together, which I don't usually allow myself time for. Then Grammy and Mam-maw (my mom and grandma) took over and I took my time getting ready for my hot date. You really learn what a luxury it is to take a real shower after having a baby. I was able to shave my legs and everything!

When the hubs got home from work we took off. Just the two of us. For a date. 

He took me shopping for some cute clothes that actually fit me and then we went for dinner and drinks. It was really nice reconnecting over something other than baby drool (although we missed that baby drool terribly!). 

Of course the little miss decided she didn't want to go to sleep without Mommy and Daddy there so when we got home we changed into our pj's and had some cake. She loved the candles and wasn't too thrilled with me blowing them out. 

I am so happy to have spent my birthday with my wonderful family. Having my Mam-maw in town and meeting Sadie for the first time has been incredible. They are so in love with each other. What a lucky girl I am :)

This week...

What you see from our week: new shoes from a shopping trip with Mommy & Daddy since someone is quickly outgrowing all of her clothes, a sleeping baby that I only have to leave one more morning before I am a stay at home momma, morning necessities, big flowers for Mommy and wittle flowers for baby (the hubs rocks!), crunchy roll, and cuteness all around.

This is my last working week and I have to say I am not sad to see it end! Don't get me wrong, I will miss all of the ladies I work with. They provided so much help throughout trying to conceive, being pregnant, and becoming a new mommy. Their words of wisdom and support will always stay with me. Plus, they are a hilarious and awesome bunch of women so of course it stinks not being able to see them on a regular basis. BUT! And this is a huge BUT. Nothing beats hanging out with my little lady.

Tomorrow is my last day!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

I love technology

Technology has allowed me capture some amazing moments of Sadie's first few months on video. And then I was able to share those moments with the people who couldn't be there for them. My grandma in Arkansas was able to see Sadie's first laugh....

And my in-laws got to see her rolling over at just 3 months old...
Don't mind my obnoxious baby voice. The girl loves it so I do it. And I do it over and over again :)

I love that I will be able to relive these moments as often as I like <3

Big decisions...

If you have been reading along lately I am sure you can tell that going back to work has been very hard on me. I sob every morning on the car ride to work and again while I pump (4 times during my 12 hour shift). I even cry on the car ride home. I know she is in great hands while away from me but it still just does not feel right. 

My stomach remains in knots throughout the day, no matter how busy I keep myself. It just feels wrong to be away from her. Everyone has been telling me it gets easier. And maybe it does but it didn't take long for me to realize that being a working mom isn't right for me. 

After talking it over with the hubs we were able to work it out so that I am able to stay home with Sadie full-time for at least the first year of her life. I cannot explain how much this means to me. The hubs did not even question it when I kept coming home in tears and told him that I just couldn't do it. I couldn't be away from her like that. Instead he supported me and told me we would make it work. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing husband that makes it possible for me to hang out with that beautiful girl every day. 

After next weekend I will officially be a stay at home momma :)

What a week!

It has been a great week! Very early Wednesday morning our best friends welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world. I was at work all day Wednesday so I got to hang out with the new family a lot! The hubs brought Sadie up and she got to meet her new bestie for the first time. It was wonderful :)

My brother came to visit this week and my heart melted a few times watching him be an amazing Uncle. We celebrated Sadie turning another month old (yikes! where is the time going?) and as usual I took a million photos of that little beauty. Including one of her adorable denim booty.

I am afraid this will be her last week in 3 month clothes. It looks like a little shopping trip may be on our weekend agenda.

Three Months

This month has brought so many changes. I went back to work, meaning Sadie has been spending more time with her Daddy and Grammy and I think she really enjoys it (even though I absolutely hate being away from her!). 

Sadie is getting more curious and independent by the minute. As you see with her bear up there she is very into her toys now. She loves holding onto to things and if we don't give her something to hang on to she will practically rip her onesie off trying to pull in into her mouth! She also prefers to be sitting on her own as much as possible. She doesn't like having to lean against anything.

She has learned to roll from tummy to back! We are so proud! I couldn't believe it the first time she did it. In fact I thought "Oh man I just put her on her tummy, she's trying to get out of tummy time" so I put her back on her tummy and she did it again and then it clicked, "OMG she's rolling over!" Blame it on the lack of sleep ;)

Another wonderful new development this month has been her laugh! It is the most adorable thing I have ever heard! The hubs and I make complete fools of ourselves trying to get her to do so too. But it is totally worth it for even a second of that amazing laugh. 

This month hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, there has been little sleep and some cranky days but I barely remember any of that as I look back over the month. The things that stick out are not waking up in the middle of the night to retrieve a paci. Instead I see all of the smiles and baby babblings, the laughs and milestones, the baby snuggles and the way she looks at me with so much love in her eyes, the way she takes in the world, every sight and sound something new and amazing. 

It's all about the little lady :)

This week is full of nothing but my baby girl. When I am at work I use these pictures help get me through the day and when I am at home I am spending every second soaking her up. Some of my favorite pictures of her came this week.

The top left? That silly girl cracks me up already! The one in the very center there makes me tear up a bit. My dad (who we lost 3 years ago) was a huge Peanuts fan so I naturally gravitate towards anything that has to do with those classic characters. Seeing Sadie her Lucy onesie with her little Snoopy makes my heart happy. Then there is the picture to the right of that one. Even her eyes are smiling!

In case you couldn't tell, I am just a little obsessed with Sadie. Everything she does fascinates me. I mean like everything. She smiles about 100 times a day but each time I light up and get super excited like it's the first time. I am proud when she burps after eating and every time she lifts her head during tummy time (which is every single time). She's growing so fast.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Not my favorite weekend

As I have mentioned in just about every post recently, I went back to work on Saturday. And it was terrible.

Thank goodness she was still asleep when it was time for me to leave because I don't think anyone would have been able to get her out of my arms otherwise. The tears started as I leaned over her crib rails to kiss her sweet cheek goodbye and did not stop until I arrived in the parking lot at work. It wasn't just about being away from her, it was about being away from her for so long (I work 12 hour shifts).

The tears came again whenever someone would ask about Sadie. I was able to hold it together pretty well most of the day right up until the very end of my shift. I was pumping and thinking that I only had an hour left and then I would be on my way home to my baby girl and then I remembered... I have to do this all over again in a couple of days... and then again after that. That's when those pesky tears made a reappearance.

I knew she was in great hands (with Grammy in the morning and Daddy the rest of the day) but my heart hurt so much being away from her. Everyone says it will get better and I hope that they are right.

Getting pictures like this one throughout the day sure helped though:

Friday Already??

This has been a really great week. I am so sad to see it come to an end. Mostly because I go back to work tomorrow.... But let me live in denial for just a bit longer?

Back to the good stuff.

Our little family ventured over to Tampa earlier this week to meet up with the in-laws. The hubs and his dad went to a college basketball game while my mother-in-law, Sadie, and I ventured to the Florida Aquarium. Sadie loved looking at all of the fish! She was so alert the whole time, staring at the various water creatures, following them with her eyes, and then finally napping as we rocked in a couple of rocking chairs in front of one of the tanks.

The hubs and I also left Sadie with her Grammy (my momma) for the very first time for a couple of hours. We went to celebrate some of our good friends getting engaged (hence the champagne punch & chocolate covered strawberries...yum!).

What else you see up there are some luxurious lashes, an adorable pup, one cute kiddo, and someone finally enjoying her tummy time!

As you all enjoy your beautiful Saturday, send some positive thoughts our way as I attempt to leave my baby girl for twelve hours. I hope they go by fast :(


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