After sitting by the phone all day yesterday and jumping at every little noise it made, I still have no results. Around 2pm I finally gave in and called the OBGYN office to make sure the results weren't just sitting there waiting to be given to me. That's when they told me that it could be seven to ten days before the results come in! What?? They originally told me four days. I was mentally prepared to wait four days so ten days sounds like an eternity.

However, my impatience is nothing compared to the hubs anxiety on the matter. He called and texted me all day yesterday and the day before asking if I had heard anything yet. Silly hubs, doesn't he know that I would call him immediately? I don't mind though, I think it's really sweet.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow! I am a little nervous about it because it's not something I have ever done before but it combines several things I love so I need to just walk in there with confidence (even if it is a little false).

Thanks everyone for the well wishes about the results. Hopefully we find out something soon and it's good news :)

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  1. Praying for some good news!! And for your interview :)



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