Danger! Danger!

Reasons why Joann Fabrics is dangerous:

1.) They have fabric. A lot of it. And I feel about fabric the way a fat kid does about cake. I want it all and am never convinced I have enough. I even want (but refrain somehow) to buy the adorable Peanuts Halloween fabric. ::swoon:: But really, what the heck would I do with that? Halloween table cloth? skirt? bag? curtains? I don't think so.

2.) The "dollar spot." Granted it's not as glorious as Targets or Michaels but still, everything is a dollar! And for some reason when I see things in the dollar spot, they all of a sudden become necessary and I justify it by saying "but it's only a dollar!" Stamps, notepads, blank cards, it's a beautiful thing.

3.) Ridiculous little goodies lining the check-out line. For example, last night as I was waiting in line I stumbled across a pack of magnetic, dry-erase word bubbles. Um, ridiculously wonderful. How fun would those be on the fridge! If they had been clearly marked as $1, they would be mine but I couldn't find a price. And around the holidays they have those silly reindeer that poop jelly beans which always make me giggle. Ridiculous and I love it.

4.) The abundance of craft possibilities. From picture frames to scrapbooking and kiddie crafts. My creative juices get flowing just walking by this stuff and the next thing I know I have added ten projects to my "to-do list."

I have had to make a list every time I go there and promise myself not to stray from it. I bee-line straight to the things I need and try to ignore my peripheral vision. Dangerous, I tell you.


  1. I went to Joanne yesterday as well. 80 dollars later I left with some amazing purchases!!!Dangerous!!!! Very DANGEROUS!

  2. I feel left out! We don't have this fabric store in Canada. Maybe its safer for my pocketbook this way.

    Love your site, and congrats for being featured on the D-list.

  3. I know Amy, I spent about the same amount! It's terrible but in the best way.

    Thanks Cassiopeia! And not having Joanns around it definitely safer! But you can always shop online :)

  4. Joanns has a Dollar spot? Love the new layout too :)

  5. They do! It's not clearly labeled though so you have to kinda search for it a bit. And thank you!!



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