Happy Halloween!! (& 34 weeks)

Sadly I did not decorate our house for Halloween this year. We just had too much going on and decided it wasn't worth it this year. We also didn't really "dress up" for the first time in a very long time. But that doesn't mean I was completely without Halloween spirit this year! I was ready to hand out candy and we still had our pumpkins!

Sadie and I are ready for the Trick-or-Treaters!!

My happy little pumpkin :)

The hubs scary pumpkin

and a sweet little one for Sadie.


Also, today marks 34 weeks! Eeek! We are so close! Nothing new is really going on this week but maybe I will have more news after our doctors appointment :)

Baby Shower!

My amazing friend Antonia threw me the most beautiful baby shower for me and Sadie. Everything was homemade and so personal. I always knew the girl was good at this kind of thing but she really blew me away with everything.

There was a sweets table for favors. And yes she made all of it, I think she is missing her calling here. Delicious food consisting of tomato bisque and baked potato soups, salads, grilled cheese sammies (my fave!), pasta salad, spinach dip, fruits and veggies, pumpkin dip and more! Seriously all of my favorite foods and the perfect kind of foods for an early afternoon shower.

I requested no games in which we act like babies (such as eating baby foods, smelling things out of diapers, or drinking out of bottles) so Antonia picked games that were age appropriate (thank you!). She made a celebrity baby matching game where you matched the celebrity with the name of their baby, guess how many jelly beans are in the big baby bottle, and try to guess how big my belly is with a piece of yarn. I learned that many people think I look a lot bigger than I am :)

My friends and family are such amazing people. They made me and Sadie feel so loved. We are both so lucky to have all of these people in our lives. I can't wait until she can meet everyone.

Now I will get to the good stuff... Picture overload!

The beautiful hostess and I
(did I mention she's also pregnant with a little girl, aka Sadie's bff?)



my momma

high school friends



favor boxes

Sadie's Grandma's :)

great friends!

sweets table


red velvet cake balls

dipped marshmallow sticks

the sign above the sweets table

our growing family <3

Seriously. Perfection. And thanks to all of these lovely ladies, Sadie is going to be the most stylish little girl around. I cannot wait for her to get here!!

Steppin' Out Sunday 10.30.11

outfit: Motherhood Maternity (the whole thing)
shoes: Payless (I really should buy new shoes...)

This was the first maternity top I ever bought and wore. Last time you saw it on here, it looked a bit different on me:

14 weeks vs. 33 weeks

I have also gotten much more pale since then. At least our grass is greener. Anyway, I was headed to a cheese party for my lovely friend Amy's birthday. What is a cheese party, you may be asking yourself? Well it is a party full of cheese! Cheesy breads, cheese potatoes, plates of cheese, mac n' cheese, chips and queso, and two different baked brie's. I have been in a cheese coma ever since but it was all so yummy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a very Happy Halloween tomorrow :)

ps- Baby shower pictures will be up tomorrow!

World Champions!

As you all are pretty well aware of, I am a HUGE baseball fan. Especially when it comes to my St. Louis Cardinals! After staying up after midnight screaming and celebrating only to have to wake up a few hours later for my 12 hour work shift, I finally have enough sanity to tell you all that...


Sadie was cheering along with me during all of game seven. She was probably wondering what the heck I was getting so worked up for but I like to think that she is just already such a big cardinals fan. Thanks to a bet made between the hubs and I regarding the outcome of the World Series, Sadie is exclusively Cardinals fan and will not be cheering on the Reds :) Therefore she will soon be sporting this little number:
And one more awesome picture we found on the interwebs that made my baseball loving heart smile:
I wont go into the details of the games (because, well I know none of you care) but there were some great displays of baseball at its finest. I am so excited for spring when baseball is back and we will be able to share our love of sports with our little girl. She doesn't know what she's in for ;)

33 weeks

This past week has really worn me out! I have been staying up way too late watching World Series games and combined with all of the excitement of my shower and getting things ready for Miss Sadie. Whew. I need a nap just thinking about it.

The hubs and I have been very productive lately. All of Sadie's clothes are washed and put away, along with her blankets, towels, and wash cloths. We spent a good amount of time and a big chunk of money at Babies R Us making sure we have everything we need for her arrival. Her room is almost complete, I just need to organize her bookshelf (pictures to come soon, I promise). I even started packing our hospital bag. Maybe it's a little early but if you know me at all then you know that is just normal Megan behavior.

Sadie is doing well although I think she is starting to feel cramped because it seems like she is trying to make some more room in there. Wondering what gives me that idea? Here take a look:
In case you can't tell, that's my view looking down on my ginormous belly. That bulge there on the right? That is my baby girl. Is she trying to escape? Possibly trying to make some more room in her ever-shrinking home? Either way it looks and feels weird! And sometimes it looks even crazier than this, I just haven't caught a picture of it yet.

Baby shower and nursery pictures will be coming soon but for now I will leave you with a picture from the pumpkin patch:

Steppin' Out Saturday {10.22.11}

dress: A Pea in a Pod
cardigan: Express
shoes: Payless
braclet & necklace: Lucky Brand (should have gotten a better photo of them. oops)
This Saturday was my baby shower! It was absolutely perfect! Great friends & family, beautiful decorations, yummy food, sweet baby things, and so much love for my baby girl. Sadie is so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful and loving people that already care about her so much.

But more on that later. For now I am going to go eat some of that yummy left over food I mentioned (yes. at 7am. don't judge me).

Wordless Wednesday

Just for fun ;)

I can't help but wonder what little Sadie is going to look like. Based on her 4D ultrasound I would say she is going to have her mama's cheeks, long fingers, full lips and overall cuteness. I dug up some baby pictures of the hubs and I to maybe get a little glimpse of what she could come out looking like :)

(I'm on the left and the hubs is on the right)

peaceful newborns

See those big eyes on the hubs? I hope Sadie gets those beauties

Is she destined to have big cheeks and a double chin? I think so!

As I look down at my belly I try to picture her outside of those profile black and white ultrasound photos. Will she has his goofy grin? my long limbs? Will she share in our similar eye color or inherit that from another family member? I know she will beautiful. I know she will be perfect in our eyes. I just can't wait to meet her!

32 weeks :)

Day one of week 32 resulted in split pants before 7am... at work. I leaned over in my chair to pick something up I had dropped (new motto- if it falls than that's where it belongs) and I hear a POP. Of course my giant belly blocks my view of the crotch area of my pants so I tried to sneak into the bathroom to see what damage was done. Sure enough the seam had popped right open, held together loosely by a tiny little thread. I did my best to "mend" the tear and went about my day keeping my legs crossed when not under my desk. Let's hope that doesn't set the pace of the rest of the week :)

As you can see, Mr. Boomer here got a new haircut today. That was stop one on our list of appointments for the day. Doesn't he look handsome.

After dropping Boomer off we headed to our bi-weekly OB check and everything is going great. Sadie still has a nice strong heartbeat and is head down for now. My belly is measuring right on track and my weight is maintaining nicely now. The results from my glucose test came back totally normal, which is great news and means no more nasty orange drink! I have still been feeling great, especially now that I am walking and exercising more (how did I forget how good that feels?).

Next up was a prenatal orientation at a potential Pediatricians office. We were given a lot of information, a tour around the office, and met almost all of the pediatricians working there. The hubs and I were both drawn to the same Pediatrician and have decided that is who we will take Sadie to see! It's exciting and scary to be making big decisions like this.

We have accomplished so much this week already and it is just beginning! More things to look forward to this week include the in-laws coming up for the weekend and my baby shower on Saturday! So excited :)

31 week update

Last weekend we attended a Prepared Child Birthing class that lasted all day and covered everything you would want to know about birthing a baby (even some things you would probably rather not know). This class made it all feel so real! It also solidified some feelings I had about labor and made me feel extremely comfortable with the whole thing. Which is good considering we are only nine weeks away now :)

(don't mind the sweats & glasses, I just got off work and realized I hadn't taken a picture for the week yet)

At 31 weeks I have upped my exercising a bit. And by "upped" I mean I finally started. Just more walking mostly with some squats and lunges mixed in a bit. Trying to prepare myself for the endurance it will take for a natural labor. Oh did I mention that my crazy self wants a natural labor? It is really important to me and something I have thought about through and through. So as long as everything is in my control that is the way it will be.

Sadie has discovered some new tricks this week. Her new favorite game is playing with my hip bone on my left side. Such a weird feeling! In fact she is playing with said hip bone as I type these very words. She has also learned how to curl herself up into the right side of my rib cage. Not the most pleasant feeling but as long as she's cozy I will deal.

I am still feeling pretty darn good and am in the best of spirits. The weather is finally cooling off a bit (meaning it's not scorching hot out) and I just love all of the things that come with fall. And being pregnant in the fall is way more awesome than being pregnant in the summer.

Another week down, only 9 more to go!


You know the saying "We plan, God Laughs"? Well I love it. And today is the perfect example...

Sunday Plans (as of yesterday):
- Sleep in
- Wake up to coffee and pancakes
- Snuggle on the couch all day in pj's
- Watch football until 4pm
- At 4pm watch the Cardinals play the Brewers

Simple right? Those seem like harmless plans... WRONG.
See this happened at 8:30am to change our whole day:
Boomer was already ushered to the shower by this point but picture this amount of mud times about 3 covering an extremely furry dog and that's what he looked like.

Re-vised Sunday Plans:
- Give both dogs baths
- Grab a granola bar and sip of cold coffee
- Clean the porch
- Clean the floors
- Clean the bathroom
- Clean ourselves
- Hopefully catch a glimpse or two of a football game
- Finish before 4pm so I can watch the Cardinals game

Shall we make some plans for tomorrow?

ps- When I woke up this morning the pups were outside playing so I asked the hubs if he checked to make sure it wasn't muddy since it rained all day yesterday. He said he checked and was surprised himself that there was no mud. When the pups finally came to the door to come in (just completely covered in mud) the hubs went outside and found one tiny little puddle in the corner of the fence and the pups were flicking it up all over with their noses and then rolling in it... because well that's what dogs do. At least they had a good time :)

pps- The hubs in no longer allowed to make such decisions before I awake.

The evil orange drink...

If you have ever been pregnant than you know the one I am talking about. At first sip it tastes suspiciously like orange soda but as you drink a little more you realize it must contain pure acid because your chest is burning. Then, accompanied by the heartburn, comes the uncontrollable burping (which is so not attractive in the quiet waiting room at the doctors office). And you have to sit there for an hour awaiting your favorite part of the visit, the dreaded blood draw (oh maybe I am the only one who dreads it... but I do so very much) only to have to wait another couple of days to find out if you pass or fail the diabetes screening.

Or you could be like me and get a phone call saying your stupid blood clotted so now we have to re-do your one hour glucose test. Maybe they didn't exactly say my blood was "stupid" but those were my thoughts when I had to go in again yesterday for the joys of glucose testing. Stupid blood. Did you have to clot? Did you have to cause me to spend my day off sitting in the doctors office? Am I not there enough as it is?

Hopefully by Friday I get a pleasant phone call saying that my blood is no longer stupid but is in fact pretty awesome and I passed. I would prefer those words exactly but I will accept other variations.

I am a little sad that we only have one ultrasound left and it is scheduled so close to my due date that the next time we see little Sadie just may be on the outside. At least her stretching, kicks and hiccups keep me reassured :)

30 weeks!

Thirty weeks sounds absolutely crazy to me. We are so close to meeting our little princess now and I could not possibly be any more excited! Other than the inability to sleep or even get comfortable on the couch most of the time I am feeling pretty great. Well minus the almost constant back pain. But still, things are going pretty great.

This has been a pretty eventful week for us. We had our appointment to check my placenta on Tuesday and received nothing but good news. While my placenta is still low-lying it is no longer considered even partial placenta previa. In case you that makes absolutely no sense to you, this is great news. It essentially means that I no longer have to have a c-section. For someone who would like to give the whole natural birth thing a try this news really meant a lot to me.

As for miss Sadie, she is growing so nicely. They estimate her weight to be around three pounds and her head measuring a week ahead (ouch). We saw every bone in her little foot and the poor girl is going to have big feet like her Momma because they were measuring about 2 inches long. Our sweet little girl was sticking her tongue out at us and wiggling all around. She has found her favorite spot in my ute which is pressing her head as far out as possible creating this weird lopsided look to my belly.

Other exciting news this week came from our best friends, who also happen to be expecting. They are having a girl! I am beyond thrilled for them. We already do almost everything together as it is and now with us both expecting little girls, just three months apart, I can only imagine the trouble we will get into :)

The last bit of exciting news has nothing to do with babies whatsoever... The Cardinals magically squeezed their way into the playoffs and are now tied 1-1 in their series against the Phillies. This may cause me to go into preterm labor... I get just a little bit excited about the Cardinals in case you didn't know.

I think that is enough rambling for one day. Hope you all are having a great Monday!


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