Girls vs. Boys

Yesterday, the hubs and a group of his friends had their second annual live fantasy football draft. Such nerds right? They all gather at one of their houses (last year it was ours and let's just say never. again.) with their laptops and plenty of beer in hand. I dropped the hubs off around 2:30pm (because I'm his mommy?).
While the guys were drafting for their fantasy teams, drinking beer, swimming and being all smelly, all of the ladies got together for a yummy potluck dinner, wine, cupcakes, and a chick flick. It was such a perfect little Saturday night with some of my favorite ladies. We were able to unwind and enjoy some much needed girl time.

I was in charge of the appetizer for the evening and I decided to try something a little different (as apposed to my usual spinach dip). I went with fruit/cheese kebobs with a strawberry and cream cheese kind of dip. It was very simple, tasty and quick.
Other things on the menu for the night were a delicious mushroom, tomato, spinach and olive oil pasta, salad, garlic bread, wine and cupcakes for dessert! All of this plus girl talk, 17 Again, and Keep Up with the Kardashians made for the perfect girls night in!

After we finished off all of the goodies, we headed over to where the guys were to crash their party drive them home and take incriminating photos of them. When we arrived we could hear and smell them from down the street. Why are guys so smelly? It smelled like a high school football locker room in there. so gross.

Overall I think it was a great night for everyone :)

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  1. What fun! I love an excuse to get together with my girlfriends!



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