Girlfriends and cake and presents, oh my!

Yesterday was one of my good friends bridal shower. She's not one for cutesy games or toilet paper wedding dresses so the shower consisted of yummy food, great friends, her wonderful family, conversations that made us all smile, and lots of presents for the bride to be.
Oh you like her "bowquet" you say? That is the handy work of my dear friend Lindsey and me. Everyone really put our creativity to the test by only providing us with one actual bow but have no fear, we are two crafty ladies and made several tissue paper flowers instead. Not too bad huh?
It was a such a great time. But then again it always is when I get to spend time with these lovely ladies, who I have been friends with for so long. I am really looking forward to her wedding day, I know it will be beautiful and full of love. Also, have a mentioned there will be a Bachelorette cruise in the very near future? That just sounds dangerous doesn't it?

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