Stache Bash!

Looking for a theme for an upcoming birthday? Look not further, "Mustache Bash" is where it's at. For one of the hubs best friends 27th birthday his lovely girlfriend planned him a mustache themed celebration. Men were encouraged to sport natural stache's but there was an ample supply of fake's for anyone who needed one. I channeled my inner villain for the night:

With our mustaches in place we headed to a local bar for beer, dancing, pizza, and lots of laughs! There may have been a few strange looks from outsiders (especially in the ladies room) but mostly people were asking if we had any extra staches.
The birthday boy with his dashing mustache
(notice the panda has one too!)
the hubs and I looking stache-tasic
birthday pizza, of course
and some very handsome ladies

Did you happen to notice that I was making the same pose in every picture? Yeahhhh about that. The mustache just completely took over, I didn't really have a choice. As soon as a camera was present, my hand automatically went to the corner of my luxurious mustache and an evil laugh came out.

The night was amazing and the hubs and I were definitely paying for it the next day. But it was totally worth it. I am being a complete blog-slacker today and skipping Happy Monday because the Stache Bash just had to be shared and now the house must be cleaned and there is a pile of fabric sitting in my sewing room just calling my name. Enjoy your Monday!


  1. That was a great idea for a bday. Too fun!!

  2. Seriously, so stinkin' cute. Both you & the 'stache.

  3. Thanks Blair! You made my day :)



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