Absolutely Positive

I'm new to blogging but want to give it a try in order to document all of the changes going on in our lives right now and be able to share them with everyone. Here goes nothing....

After a couple of months of trying and many, many pregnancy tests (including 2 false negatives due to testing an entire week too early!) we found out on Saturday that WE'RE PREGNANT!!

I woke up early to test the first pee of the day, just like all the books and websites recommend, and was honestly going to go back to bed since my bladder woke me up way too early for a Saturday morning. As soon as I crawled back in bed my dear husband asked me the question that had been running through my mind and stealing all of my sleep and sanity for the last two weeks, "Are we having a baby?" After giving him a death grip hug I nervously put on my glasses (figured it's probably best not to hold something I peed on an inch away from my face) and strolled into the bathroom, picked up the stick, blinked rapidly several times, and then started screaming! I ran straight to the bed and began jumping and bouncing all over, trampling my innocent and drowsy husband.

We had decided only to tell a few close friends and our parents until after the first trimester. After our miscarriage last year, this just seemed like the best idea for us. That idea was wonderful except for the fact that a) I have a big mouth and b) my husbands mouth is apparently even bigger (who knew?!). Ok so maybe in normal circumstances he really doesn't have a big mouth at all but only a matter of hours after finding out we're going to be parents (squee!) we went to a beer fest. Hubby got drunk. excited. chatty. and all of a sudden BAM big mouth. Good news is that I'm pretty sure that, outside of our close group of friends, everyone else was too drunk by the time hubs turned into Mr. Big Mouth to remember.

So for now our "secret" is semi-safe. We'll see how long that lasts ;)

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