O Christmas Tree

Our tree is up, the house smells of pepperminty goodness, our stockings are hung, and tomorrow morning we are expecting a cold front. Perfection.
Last year we were given this tree by a friend of my momma's and this is the first time we were able to set it up. I love it! It can't compare to a real tree but it does have many charming attributes: it was free, it doesn't need to be watered, it's tall and full, and it's ours.
We saw these lovely pup ornaments at Target and couldn't resist getting one to represent each of our little beasts. And we will make our annual trip to Downtown Disney soon to pick out our ornament for the year (a tradition we started for our first tree together).

To show how far we have come (tree wise) take a look back at our Christmas trees the past two years (because I can't find a picture of our first tree):
2008: The year before this (aka the picture that disappeared) we only had the construction paper chain, snowflakes, and "star". All handmade of course, I know it's hard to tell. But in '08 we added lights ("ooo") and three real ornaments ("ahhhh"). We also threw a pillow case halfway over the base of the tree. You know, to keep it classy.

2009: An actual star! And it lights up too! We are moving up in the world as you can see. A tree skirt was also purchased along with more ornaments. The paper decorations didn't make the move from our tiny apartment into our new house but I did save a few :)

Now we have a tree that fits our house and looks pretty great in my opinion. Stay tuned for more Christmas-y fun to come!

Steppin' Out Saturday 11.27.10

Our Saturday was spent decorating the house and annoying our neighbors with the blaring of our Christmas music. I just love this time of year.

top: American Eagle
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Kohls

More pictures of the Christmas decor to come but for now I leave you with an adorable picture of my little reindeer and my new bangs (which I don't know if I like yet).

Giving Thanks w/ the in-laws

I don't have any horrifically hilarious in-law stories for you. No casseroles caught on fire, there was no hair pulling or tears, the pups refrained from chowing down on the turkey, and everyone got along. Sorry to disappoint but my in-laws pretty much rock.

Instead we enjoyed some quality time with the hubs parents. We played with ate stone crab legs and saw my pregnant, soon to be sister in-law for the first time since she has had an adorable baby bump.
Mojitos were made by the pitcher. Food was consumed in large quantities. I watched the hubs shuck (is it shuck? or maybe chuck? no that can't be it...) oysters with his dad, which was quite a sight to see! Those little boogers are not as easy to get into as they make it look on tv.
The food was delicious, the company was lovely, the weather was beautiful, and the whole day was great. I hope you all had as happy a Thanksgiving as we did :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two years ago today I lost my daddy. And I found out I was pregnant. Let's just say that November 25th is a date that I will never forget. This year Thanksgiving is happening simultaneously with a day that brings so many emotions for me. There isn't a day in the year that I need to be reminded even more that I have many things to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for:
- twenty-two years with an amazing father
- two pups that drive me crazy and keep me sane all at the same time
- a family that loves me
- friends who support me
- a yummy cup of coffee
- having a job
- lazy sundays
- a husband that rocks my socks
- wearing pj's until sunset
- chocolate & dr. pepper (especially together)
- all of you. your kind words, well wishes, and prayers
- a thanksgiving feast
- a good book
- cool weather and warm sweaters
- the strength to see the good in situations
- the faith to know everything will work out the way it's supposed to. eventually

Honestly there are so many things I am thankful for that I could fill the pages of a novel if given the chance. So I will just stop myself there before I get carried away. The point is, I am thankful. Very thankful.

Wordless Wednesday (at the in-laws)

Mojitos made by my father in-law. Starting the holiday off right :)
Did I mention I my in-laws are awesome?


Last night, I went to see the newest Harry Potter movie!!

(Don't give me that look guys!)

My bestie and I worked all day (did I mention I work with my bestie now?) and then went straight to the theater two whole days after its opening. We usually see the midnight showing so this was a long time to wait for a couple of nerds like us.

It was really good! The only semi-complaint I have is that it ended abruptly. But I knew it would because, duh, it's cutting off in the middle of the book. Now I can't wait for my next HP installment. Maybe another trip to Harry Potter World is in order?
And now I must go to sleep, I have been up past my regularly scheduled bedtime too many times this week!

ps- i like twilight too. and no i'm not actually thirteen.

Steppin' Out Saturday 11.20.10

This weekend is being cut short since I have to work tomorrow and the hubs had to work this morning but we made the most of what we had. I spent the morning running, cleaning, and helping my brother with homework. Once the hubs got off work we headed out to run some errands and do a little Christmas shopping, although I think we only bought decorations and crafting supplies. Here is what I stepped out in for our adventures in shopping:

top: Aerie (so incredibly comfy)
jeans: Aerie skinny jeans
shoes: you can't see them but they're from Target and you're not missing much

(I know, lots of Aerie but can't beat the 40% off discount!)

Hopefully we will be able to get actual Christmas shopping done soon but I mean we needed to get Wentworth a stocking... and some new ornaments... and fabric... right? Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend :)

A Gift

This time of year is pretty hard on my family. Two years ago we spent pretty much the entire month of November in the hospital. It was a terrible, tragic time that I wont go into detail about but it definitely scared us all. As soon as November rolls around we all kinda become a ball of mush. Last year my momma tried to shine a little light on one of my sad November days with a lovely "Guardian Angel" necklace from Brighton. And it really worked. I would wear it and think of my dad with a smile.

Yesterday, I got a surprise visit from my momma herself and she brought along a tiny package wrapped with a gold bow. Inside was a beautiful necklace.

How sweet is she? I am one lucky girl.

When life gives you lemons...

Make Lemonade! literally.

When we moved into our house (a year and a half ago) we had an abundance of fruit trees. Unfortunately a few were already dying and then someone (::cough:: husband ::cough::) decided that there were too many of them and cut some down. Now we have two remaining trees: lemon and orange. We haven't exactly taken advantage of these fruits, unless you count the hubs hitting the ones that fall off the tree into the lake behind our house... but I don't.

So today the hubs noticed that the lemons were ripe and I couldn't help but run out and pick some. We used some for a lovely little kitchen display and then another bunch for some fresh squeezed lemonade. It was so fun (because I'm a huge dork) and I got to use all of my cute fruit juicing things :)
I love our lemon tree. It's just so cute! You can see it perfectly from our kitchen window.
Finally using my adorable juicer that we got as a housewarming present

Sorry hun but you're going to have to find something else to do with your spare time :)

Steppin' Out Saturday 11.13.10

This weekend I was on my own. The hubs was off on a "Man-cation" with his friends to Tallahassee for some Florida State football and what I can only assume to be massive amounts of beer. Poor guy has been working non-stop lately, I am so glad he was able to get away and spend some time with his friends.

As for me, the weekend has been a mix of work and play. Saturday I was out running errands most of the day and attempted to take a picture for Steppin' Out.
top: Old Navy (it's actually a thermal PJ top but whatevs)
leggings: Old Navy
shoes: Target

As you can see, I am pretty horrible at taking a picture of myself. But I tried! My outfit is pretty boring but really comfy. I totally forgot to snap a photo before I went out with the ladies last night. Although their outfits were way more fashionable then mine so I might have to steal one of their photos later and show you! My friends are so stylish.

It has been a nice weekend but I am ready to have my husband back! I miss that booger.

Run Run Run

About this time last year I randomly decided that I was going to sign up for a half marathon. I had never even run more than a mile at a time and the last time I had even done that was in high school. But once I put my mind to something there is no stopping me. At the beginning, my goal was to be able to run four miles straight by the time the half marathon rolled around and kinda walk/run the whole thing. Well a month later I was up to six miles and feeling fantastic. And a couple weeks before the big run I ran nine and then ten miles.

It turns out that I actually love running. Sure, the first couple of weeks of training were brutal. But nothing could compare to that sense of calm and accomplishment I felt after each run. This time of year is tough for me and running really helped me get through all of those built up emotions.

With two amazing friends by my side for all 13.1 miles, we ran the entire thing. It was amazing to say the least.
(It was the Disney Princess Half Marathon, so we are totally justified with our crowns and the fact that my bib says "Princess Megan")

During the big run I got a stress fracture in my foot and was forced into a horrific giant black boot for a couple of months. This of course meant no running. Since then I have just lacked the motivation to get out there and get back into my stride. I think it's time to make that radical step again and just sign myself up and force myself to hit the pavement once again.

First thing tomorrow I am lacing up my tennies! At least that's the plan...

Wordless Wednesday

My new schedule has been hard on everyone. Gosh those pups sure have it rough, don't they? It's taking a bit of adjusting from all of us but I really love it :)

Steppin' Out Saturday 11.6.10

I actually stepped out this Saturday! Yay! I know how much everyone loves my pj pictures but I stepped out twice yesterday (I know, you're all shocked). First at 5am to head to work but I didn't snap a photo because you just saw a picture of me in my scrubbies. Then the hubs and I went out to dinner and met up with our awesome friends for some delicious beer after that (they put frozen blueberries in the bottom of my Sea Dog Blueberry beer, so of course it's my new favorite place). And here's what I wore:
top: Lauren Conrad (from Kohls)
jeans: Express circa 2007
shoes: White House Black Market

I did not wear my jacket in this picture because it is embarrassing. The weather here in lovely Florida literally went from 85 to 45 overnight and my closet is not at all prepared for the cold weather. I need a new jacket and boots like whoa. Hopefully I can convince the hubs of this soon and those items will be in next weeks Steppin' Out ;)

Five Question Friday 11.5.10

1. If you could have any talent and turn it into an occupation, what would it be?

Crafting, for sure. I'm talking about everything from making giraffes out of construction paper and popsicle stick picture frames to sewing fancy dresses and handbags bags. I realize construction paper animal developer (official title) may not be in high demand but that's why this is fantasy right? I would love, love, love to get paid the big bucks to create whatever my heart desired all day.

2. Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?

Gee, that's a tough one! Why can't I have both?
I guess if I had to choose just one it would a house at the beach. Mostly because I don't want to get eaten by bears or mosquitos. Plus I think the pups would love to run around on the beach and maybe then I would finally get a tan. Although probably not considering I already live in Florida and look like I could be a vamp in Twilight.

3. Is there any meaning or reasoning for the names you chose for your child/children?

(a.k.a - my pups)

Boomer was named after Boomer Esiason, who was the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals back before I was born (ok maybe I was born, I'm just trying to make the hubs feel old :)) but he was the hubs favorite when he was little. It worked out because Boomer is the perfect name for this rascal. Plus that is what the hubs wanted to name out first child, like human child. This was a good compromise.
When it came time to name the next pup it was my turn and the hubs didn't oppose (I was in a fragile state so he let me do whatever I wanted even though he hates our pups name). Wentworth was named after Wentworth Miller. ::swoon:: I may have been slightly obsessed with Prison Break at the time. Wenty is just as lovable as his namesake ;)

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

chocolate. reality television. potato chips. wearing my pj's all day long. Britney Spears. cartoons (especially Disney movies). coloring in coloring books.

5. Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened?

A little bit of both. Our kitchen is deep cleaned (I hate a dirty kitchen) and everything else is always "picked up" as in uncluttered and things in their place. Deep cleaning for the rest of the house happens either when we are expecting company or I get the cleaning bug (which happens often).

That's all folks! Have a great weekend!

Wordless(ish) Wednesday!

The picture quality is terrible but I was very excited about my first day of the new job and to be wearing scrubs. It was a good day but I am exhausted! I will be working 12 hour shifts from today until Saturday for training so if I am MIA for a few days you know why. Hope everyone is having a great week :)

According to my Momma

When my mom found out that Mariah Carey and I are on the same "magic baby keeping" meds (not sure how she knows this) she suddenly became extremely confident in them. She called me yesterday to inform me of her discovery and to assure me that I must have the good stuff. Because celebs totally get all of the best baby making stuff. Whew, I was there for a minute that I got the fake meds that offer terrible side effects but no results. Ma, you're silly and I love you :)

ps- I have been back on those lovely meds for a couple of days now and the side effects are heating up again. Be prepared for the crazy!

Why so serious?

When someone asks me why I blog, I usually say something like "it's therapeutic" or "it's just fun". Which are both totally true but they aren't really the full answer. Yes, I write for me most of the time. It feels good to get things off my chest and share my experiences. I enjoy writing. But I also write for you sometimes too. All of you. I didn't set out to blog about such personal things (like miscarriages and injections and monthly "lady time") but I do. I thought it was about time I share how I got introduced to blogs to begin with. And what it all means to me.

The first ever blog I came across (before I even really knew what a blog was) was The Heir to Blair. I had just found out I was pregnant for the first time and was searching the internet for every piece of information about babies and pregnancy that I could possibly find (I don't recommend doing this by the way, the internet is scary). I stumbled upon her blog right around the time discovered she miscarried her first pregnancy. I read a little and my heart ached for her but I turned away from it before I started imagining myself in a similar situation. Because that would totally never happen to me, right? I went on to read only positive things and soaked up every bit of information I could that I thought would prepare me for pregnancy and motherhood.

A short couple of months later I, too, miscarried. The day before my D&C I found myself searching the web again, this time for information that would comfort me and help me better understand what was happening. I was brought to Blair's blog again. I read. and read. and cried. Her journey, her sorrow, her strength. The fact that she was so open about how she felt, made me realize I was not alone. There were other women going through the same thing. I learned that it was ok to not want to get out of bed for a week. To cry for days at a time. To find comfort in chocolate and reality tv (at least for a little bit). But more importantly I learned that there was life after miscarriage.

When Blair announced that she as pregnant again, I cried (I blame messed up hormones). I found myself silently clinging to her for hope. Somehow I thought that if her pregnancy survived, if she made it all the way through, than I could too. I read her blog everyday and with each passing month, as her belly grew, I got more and more optimistic. And when her son was born, I cried again (hey, I was still very hormonal, ok?). Is it crazy to feel so emotional about someone you've never met? Absolutely. But it helped me recover. I helped me build my own strength and this unbreakable confidence that everything will work out.

So yeah, sometimes I get pretty personal on here. I write to anyone who wants to read about things that some people don't talk about to anyone. It makes me vulnerable and exposed. But those emails I get from people who have read about my story? The ones with inspirational stories they want to share? The ones who are having similar problems who seek advice or comfort? Those remind me that someone is always listening. That sharing your story (no matter what it is) is important.


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