Hairbows and Ponies and Ruffles, OH MY!


We had an ultrasound appointment this morning to see if we could see the sex of the baby (which caused to to stay up all night in anticipation). I had all of my usual nerves - praying there has been growth, longing to see that little heart beating strong. And on top of that the excitement of finding out the sex while still keeping in mind they may not get a good angle.

But our little peanut behaved like always (she likes getting her picture taken) and showed us her girl parts briefly before covering them up (she is a lady after all). It was as clear as can be that we are having a little girl :)

She put on a nice little show for us. A little bit of sucking her thumb again, she fell asleep and we got to see her belly rise and fall with nice deep breathes, she stretched her arms all around but preferred them close to her face. She's already so perfect and precious.

The ultrasound tech was nice enough to throw in a little 4D action for free. So we got to see a little preview of what our little girl is going to look like.

On top of all of these visions of pink, last night I felt the little flutters of our baby for the first time. Lying in bed on my side I felt a few little tickles in my belly. I wasn't sure at first but as they continued ever so slightly I became more and more sure that it was our little one. She must have been excited to finally have a name instead of being called a peanut all the time.

Speaking of names... You're probably wondering what we are calling her now huh?

Sadie June.

Sadie came from a character in a book I read on our honeymoon in Italy and June after my grandma who is the most incredible woman and we hope our little girl shares at least some of her wonderful qualities.

We could not be happier or more excited!

Steppin' Out Saturday 6.25.11

dress: Dillards (clearance!)
clutch: Francesca's Collection
shoes: Payless

(and a side view to make the belly appear)
baby bump: 16 weeks!!

Saturday was the wedding of one of my good friends from high school. It was a very entertaining wedding and it just fit the bride and groom perfectly. The bride looked absolutely stunning, the food was great, the decor was so pretty and so were the bridesmaids :)
It was nice seeing friends that I hadn't seen in a while and getting dressed up (although it was a pain finding something that fit!). I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well :)

the big FIVE-OH

On Monday my Momma turned fifty! Since getting pregnant I had to change my original plans (girls night at a cocktail bar) to something a little less dangerous for the little babe (a day at the spa).
It was nice and relaxing and allowed for some great momma-daughter time. We got massages, facials, body scrubs, and momma got a body wrap.

The spa was small which was nice because we had the place to ourselves and plenty of time to relax, drink some tea, read some gossip mags, and talk before and after our treatments. I'm already looking forward to another spa day although it will probably be a while!

Steppin' Out Sunday 6.19.11

top & shorts: Maternity Motherhood
(finally starting to fit into the maternity clothes)
shoes: gift ?
bump: 15 weeks <3

We actually did step out on Saturday to a friends birthday celebration (in which the hubs competed in various beer games and I refereed, more to come on that later) but I forgot my camera. So I will post pictures of that event, because it was truly awesome, as soon as someone else posts pictures and I can steal them :)

Instead you get to see my lame/this is all that fits me/I would rather be in sweat pants look.

My bump hasn't gotten a whole lot bigger but I am anxiously awaiting it's full arrival. However, my energy levels have been a lot better and my nausea is pretty rare these days as we approach 15 weeks. Food is once again my friend and we have been spending a lot of time together. I sure missed being able to eat full meals without getting sick! Overall things are going well and baby is still strong and healthy.

We are starting to get anxious to find out the sex, which isn't too far away now. The only struggle now is with darn names. Our girl name is perfect and pretty set in stone but good heavens boy names a tough! We might need someone to move in and referee our discussions because we just do not see eye to eye on boy names. The hubs is so picky and I swear he can sense if I love a name and immediately hates it, no matter what it is. I need a new strategy on introducing names to him. Your suggestions are welcomed! Or if someone just wants to pick a boy name for us that would be great too.

Enough changing subjects and rambling on. I'm going to go snuggle my puppies in my pj's and watch a movie with the hubs. I suggest you all do something similar :)

Father's Day

This is a hard day/week for me. I miss my Daddy more and more everyday and Father's Day is yet another reminder that he is gone. But you know me, I try to make the best of it. Luckily I have an incredible father-in-law to celebrate and a husband that is going to make the most amazing father thanks to him.

Even though it's not really his first Father's Day yet, I decided to celebrate a little "pre" Father's Day with the hubs. I got him a couple of cards (one from me and peanut, one from the pups, duh.) and woke up early to make him breakfast and coffee in his brand new mug.
The boys showed their daddy some love while the hubs was on the phone with his dad. There was a lot of man love going on so I had to take a picture.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and those that are soon to be! Being a good and loving father is the most important thing a man can do. I am lucky enough to have witnessed a lot of that. And a very special Happy Father's Day to my Daddy who I know is watching down to hear it :)

Now we are spending the rest of the day picking out paint colors and bedding for the nursery!

Steppin' Out Saturday 6.11.11

top: Motherhood (first maternity top!!!)
shorts: Old Navy
shoes: Kohls
baby bump: 14 weeks

Last night we headed over to our friends house for a little BBQ. It was a nice relaxing night with great friends and delicious food. We seriously have the best friends! I don't know how we got that lucky.

Plans for today include some tv time, maybe a movie, pj's, pancakes, a nap, and puppy snuggles. That is all :)

13 weeks!

Sometimes (like at todays ultrasound) I am just in awe of what is going on inside my body. There was a time when I thought this may never happen for us. At least not in any traditional sense. So to see that baby grow so much each time and to catch that perfect fluttering heart right away just amazes me. And every once in a while I tell the hubs to pinch me because it feels so much like a dream.

Today we had our ultrasound for the nt scan to check for possibilities of the baby having certain birth defects and/or complications. The ultrasound measurements came back completely normal and we will know in a few weeks about the blood-work they did.
How is our little peanut already so cute? Peanut stayed perfectly still, just sucking that thumb while the ultrasound tech (who was awesome) took the measurements and as soon as she was done little peanut started wiggling around and kicking to give us a little show. Already so well behaved :)
Little tooties! I could just eat them up!

Remember when I said I missed the morning sickness? Can someone just slap my hand next time I try to say that? That only lasted a couple and now it's back with a vengeance. I will be more careful what I wish for in the future!

Other than that though everything is just perfect. We are so unbelievably happy and feel extremely blessed.

Some thing I've been craving

that I shouldnt be...
Ok really I can eat the pizza and the fried but I shouldn't be eating them as often as I want to. As in all the time.

I have already told the hubs the locations of the nearest Jimmy Johns and Einstein Bagels to the hospital so he can have them ready for me to eat asap. Maybe with a side of Dunkin'?
caramel with cream & sugar

Steppin' Out Sunday (because they're the best)

After working three twelve hour days in a row (not recommended) I was in need of a break. The hubs was sweet enough to let me sleep in and take care the pups this morning so I woke up feeling great!

We started the day off with a trip to the Farmers Market. Where we got a cute little UCF onesie for the peanut (the first thing we've bought!) and I got some stuffed olives, which made a reappearance a short while later and officially ruined olives for me for a while.
Steppin' Out
dress & shoes: American Eagle
bump: 13 weeks <3

Next we headed to a new little place for lunch that someone recommended to the hubs called Tibby's. This place was AH-MAZING! It's a New Orleans style restaurant with delicious food and a really cool atmosphere. I ordered a fried crawfish po boy with a side of hush puppies and the hubs got roast beef po boy with sweet potato fries and jumbalaya. It was all so yummy!
Every Sunday they have a live band so this may be a new Sunday tradition for us (as long as the food continues to agree with peanut).
By the time we got home I was pretty exhausted so we just snuggled on the couch and had a little Netflix marathon followed by another great meal of steak dinners made by the best chef I know (the hubs of course).

A little sad the weekend is over already, especially since I only got one day of it this week. But we sure made the most of what we had. Now looking forward to Thursday when we get to see the peanut again!

A Family Weekend

For Memorial Day, the hubs and I ventured down to south Florida for a lovely long weekend with the in-laws. It was full of snuggles from my favorite niece, delicious meals of food, funny stories about the hubs and his siblings, and lots of good ole quality time with family that I wish we saw more often.

No post about my weekend would be complete without pictures of the most beautiful little girl on this planet!
playing on grandpas lap

hanging out with Aunt Megan


Giving Uncle Kevin a chance to practice :)

dancing away to Ellen

I warned you she was a cutie right?

12 weeks!

Phew! Let me just wipe off the sweat from my forehead and say so long first trimester!

I can't even explain what a relief it is to have made it this far in our pregnancy. The nausea is lessening but I am still pretty tired all of the time. It will be nice having my energy back but as crazy as it sounds I kind of miss the constant nausea. I know, I know, it's crazy! But it was a nice reassurance.

My belly is still pretty non existent except when I eat a lot haha but my clothes, especially pants and shorts, are awfully snug. And by snug I really mean they don't fit at all. It seems too early for maternity clothes but I am running out of options!

Our next appointment is next week for an ultrasound and blood-work to determine the chances of the baby having downs or other early complications. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

I attempted to take a 12 week picture but it didn't turn out very well. Plus there just really isn't a whole lot to see other than the only pair of shorts that currently still fit while buttoned.
I hope you all had a great long weekend! I will be posting some adorable pictures of my niece later today so be on the look out! She sure is a cutie :)


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