Computer fail

To those of you who do blog design, computer graphics, programming and basically anything else dealing with computers, I bow down. I used to think I was good with computers when I was younger but then I realized that my parents were just so bad with them that it made me look good. And then I learned a little more about certain programs in college and felt my confidence rising again. And then i got a Mac. Now I feel like a kindergardener on my computer (only a kindergardener is probably more advanced than I am).

I decided that Love, Megan needed a fresh new look. I know it's only a few months old but I wasn't too thrilled with the "logo" I came up with from the beginning. It was all I knew how to do and I have decided that's just not good enough. After reading many tutorials and watching numerous how-to videos I journeyed into the unknown and attempted to create my own logo. One that I actually like.

Four hours later, you know how far I got?
That's it. Just an owl. A pretty darn cute owl if I do say so myself. But four hours for that little fella? Really? The good part though, is that I made him. He's mine and he is one of a kind. And I am proud of that fact but the realization that this whole logo thing is going to take me more than one sitting to create is finally sinking in. I like to do things start to finish so it was hard setting down the computer and walking away to pick it up again the next day. But completely necessary considering I like my eyeballs in my head and my sanity intact.

I'm sure that once you get the hang of it, four hours will produce a lot more than a single owl but for now I am in awe of all of you computer whiz's. If you don't see an updated logo within the next couple of weeks, send someone looking for me...

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