10 Weeks!!

My nerves were about shot as we sat in the waiting room at MFM for almost two hours waiting for our ultrasound. This was a big appointment for us. We hadn't had a baby make it this far. When they finally called us back and put that lovely gunk on my belly all of my worries disappeared.

(waving at mommy & daddy)

I could not believe how much bigger our baby had grown in those few short weeks. I immediately saw that little flutter of a heart and my own heart melted in that moment. There it was. The miracle we have been praying for for so long.

Our ultrasound tech felt so bad that we waited so long (apparently there was a bit of a mix up on their part) that she made little videos for us! The little angel had hiccups and when they finished he/she continued stretching his/her arms and legs. It was such an incredible moment. We were able to see both arms and both legs and I could have sworn I saw a little penis peek out but I am no expert. Only time will tell :)
I cannot explain the amount of joy and excitement I have right now. I feel like I might burst!

Since things are going so well we don't have to return to MFM for another ten weeks. We see my regular OB on Friday so I'm sure there will be more pictures then :)

Steppin' Out Sunday 5.15.11

dress: Anthropologie
cardigan: Old Navy
shoes: American Eagle

There was no steppin' out on Saturday except to work (boring) so I'm using today instead. I stepped out for a little work meeting this morning and then brunch with some of my very favorite ladies. We ate yummy flatbreads and I drooled watching them sip on different flavored mimosas. Now a little relaxation before the hubs and I head off to Universal for a last look at Harry Potter World and some yummy dinner before our annual passes expire.

Even though there is not a lot to see (other than my rapidly expanding bust line) I figured I had to include a 9 week(ish) belly picture as well :)

Happy Sunday everyone :)

Oh my!

Is it bad if this looks like the most delicious thing EVER to me right now?

Damn you listeria for keeping me from this goodness.
(but really thank you for keeping me from the calories!)

9 Weeks!

First of all I have to say a huge thank you for all of the comments, emails, text messages, etc. You all have been such an incredible source of support for me. The kind words during our losses, the prayers you've said on our behalf, the encouragements you gave when I was feeling low and the praises when I remained optimistic. You have shared your stories with me and given me advice at all hours of the night.

I just want you all to know that I appreciate it so much. And I still need you. Things are going great so far but I'm still scared. Mostly excited but the fear does creep in from time to time. With each week that passes I feel a little weight lifts off my shoulders but a lot still remains. It's nice to know that I have so much support and prayer on my side though.


I had every intention to start "belly pictures" this week. But as I woke up on the morning of our ninth week I considered what this picture would look like. I currently have an eye infection (yuck), look like I have eaten one to many cheeseburgers in the last few weeks, have a face that is covered in pimples like I haven't since puberty and honestly would rather opt out of putting on a bra on my first day off of work. Clearly the decision to wait until later in the week was a wise one. You're welcome.

The morning sickness has really kicked in this week. I thought I knew nausea a few weeks ago but I had no idea! It's always worse at work until close to lunch time and then makes a grand reappearance before and during bedtime.

My co-workers (mother and baby nurses) have somehow talked me into trying all sorts of things that I normally would have turned my head to. Like eating straight up ginger, the same kind that comes on the side of your sushi. I could only get a few bites in before running the bathroom so not sure if that works or not. They have also made me ginger tea, which is really strong and burns the throat a bit but worked to calm my belly.

Honestly though, as much as it sucks, I don't really mind it. It's a part of pregnancy and I knew that going in so I just suck it up and feel a little relieved because this is yet another thing I never experienced in my past pregnancies.

Next week we get to see our little peanut again. Our MFM appointment is a week from today and according to the doctor this is the big ultrasound for us. If our measurements are what they should be and that little heart is still beating strong than there is virtually no reason we would miscarry. That's an awful lot to put on one appointment. So keep those prayers coming!

Mothers Day Announcement!

What better day than Mothers Day to announce that I am going to be a Mommy!

Our little peanut was only 6weeks 1day in that picture but we are now almost 9 weeks.

I tried to wait as long as possible to announce our news, hence not blogging in forever, but I just could not wait any longer. Our first appointment with my OBGYN was at 6 weeks 1 day, although we thought I would have been almost eight weeks. I've mentioned already that my body does what it wants right? It clearly ovulates whenever it wants, which was very late.

We were a little nervous when the ultrasound tech said how far along we were. We wanted to see that little heartbeat so bad and thought it might be too early. But then she point to that little flickering bean and then we cried. The first heartbeat we have ever seen. Our little miracle.

A few days later we went to see a MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor by recommendation of my OB just to keep a closer eye on this pregnancy. We were not only able to see the heartbeat but we got to hear it as well. What an amazing feeling. All of my blood work and ultrasounds have come back completely normal and no one is worried thus far.

I feel absolutely AMAZING! But let me clarify that my current version of amazing = nauseous, extremely bloated, always tired, and a bit on the moody side. It's amazing though because it is all so normal.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Mothers Day! We sure did :)


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