Happy Birthday Little Bro

Today my little brother turned fifteen. He is over six feet tall, attending high school, and in just a few hours, he will be driving. This completely baffles me.

I still remember the day he was born. In fact, I was there in the room and one of the first people to lay eyes on that adorable baby boy. I helped pick out his name. Took him to his first movie in the theater. Taught him how to tie his shoes and sing the ABC's. Read to him. Sang to him. Rocked him to sleep. In my eyes, he was mine. And in many ways I still see him that way.

Our almost ten year age difference has allowed us a special kind of friendship. He calls me for advice, homework help, and when he is too bored to think of anything else to do. I attend as many baseball games and school functions as humanly possible. I have spent fifteen years looking out for him, making sure he is safe and happy. The funny thing is, over the past couple of years I have noticed him doing the same for me.

I realized just how grown up he was becoming right before he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was confused and worried because they made a last minute change to our entrance and he looked me right in the eyes and told me it was going to be ok and that the new entrance was going to be great. At that moment I saw the man he was becoming and the little boy he once was vanishing.

I could not be more proud of him. He had a great example in our father and I know as he looks down on him today, he sees that it is because of him that my not so little brother is turning into such an incredible young man.

A lot of changes are coming his way. Girlfriends, cars, decisions, sports, new friends, thoughts of college, temptations. I can't wait to see what he does with his life because I know it will be great. As long as he remembers that no matter how tall he gets, he will always be my little brother.

Happy Birthday little bro. I love you.


  1. My brother is 7 years younger than me and we are close as can be! This post was so sweet!

  2. The first pic is how I always see him. haha. I can't believe he's 15. It makes me feel old.

  3. Most of the time I still see him that way too :)



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