Family Feud

The hubs and I are big sports fans. We both grew up in cities that revolved around their respective teams and attended sporting events for as far back as we can remember. To put it lightly, we are both very passionate about our teams.

The hubs can still recall his first Cincinnati Reds baseball game and marveling over the large chocolate chip cookie he was given while sitting on his dads lap. And every Sunday during football season we shut everything down, put on our Bengals gear and head to the local sports bar to watch the game. Last season we didn't miss a single one.

As for me, my loyalty lies with the St.Louis Cardinals. At first, it was the appeal of Fredbird (their mascot) dancing around on the field but as I got older I learned to really appreciate the game of baseball. We make it to a spring training game every year while they are in Florida and do our best to make it out to STL whenever possible.

We adopted our towns basketball team (gooo Magic!) and since I had no real ties to the Rams, I too have become a Bengals fan. So our only feud exists in baseball. Between two teams that are well respected.... and in the same division.
At the beginning of the season, we try to support each others teams the best we can as long as they aren't playing each other. But come August, it's time to get serious. Right now our teams are neck and neck for the number one spot in their division. As you can imagine there is a lot of "oh, so how did your team do today? because mine rocked and I already know yours lost" kinda talk. There is also a lot of "when MY team wins goes to the off season..." and "when MY team wins the world series" going on.

When October rolls around, I just hope we are still speaking.

Ok, I kid, we will still be talking. and teasing each other. Because that is what we do. But don't you feel a wee bit scared for our future children? We will both be trying to get them to root for our team and changing their outfit from Reds gear to Cardinals gear and back during baseball season. Poor kids.

My reasoning says that we should cheer for the Cardinals as a family since I took on his football team. Makes sense right? You should all explain that to him.

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