Boo (and not in a fun Halloween way)

Not trying to get into the the politics of this but there is something I am a tad bit confused about.

Why is it that our insurance covers an elective abortion but says you are on your own if you have multiple miscarriages and would like to find out what is wrong with your body? Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? They will help you terminate a pregnancy but not help you succeed in one.

$550 for the x-ray they want to do and they said they "don't know" how much the labs will be. So my bill could be a bajillion dollars and we wont know until it arrives in the mail and yells "Surprise!" ?

Boo to our insurance. Boo to miscarriages. Boo to testing. and Boo to not being millionaires who don't have to worry about paying medical bills.

My usually peppy and optimistic self will return tomorrow. But tonight I am going to sulk (just a little), have a glass of wine, and watch Pretty Little Liars.


  1. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! Who knew it could/would be so addictive?! I'll boo with you on all that insurance crap...what are they good for anyways?? ;)

  2. Seriously! I was a little embarrassed to admit I wanted to watch it and now everyone loves it haha

  3. Stopping by from D -Listed. Great blog. I am sorry you having such a hard time getting pregnant, I have 2 fertility babies, and LOTS of BFN's in my past. I have never experienced a miscarriage but a late term loss of a twin (one survived). I hope you get your BFP VERY SOON! And insurance sometimes seems to be a JOKE to me!!



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