Puppy Love

No, I am not talking about the kind you experience at sixteen when you are in love obsessed with the cute boy sitting in front of you in pre-calc but doesn't know your name. I am talking about the kind that actually comes from puppies!

This week we have extra puppy love because we are puppy sitting for a cute little guy named Moose. He so graciously allowed Boomer to stay at his house during our cruise so we are returning the favor while his parents are out of town. You would think having three dogs running around the house all day for a week would drive you absolutely insane, right? Wrong. These lazy dogs sleep all day. And then they play. But with each other. I just mediate when one of my dogs inevitably tries to put Moose's entire head in their mouth (yes, they both do this but Moose doesn't seem to mind).

The real difficulty comes in when it is time to take the dogs out.
Lets just say that I have a new kind of respect for dog walkers. But it's not all play time and leash tugging. An extra pup also means extra pup lovin'. An extra tail wagging at you when you walk in the door, extra pup kisses, and extra pup snuggles.
They seriously do this every time we sit on the couch. They do not know what personal space is. Lucky for them, they're cute.

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  1. Haha personal space! They are really cute, you're lucky to have pets. I can't wait to have one again.



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