Bachelorette Finale

Where to begin?

The Decision.
If I were in Ali's shoes (her always adorable shoes), I would have picked Chris L. hands down. He is the marrying kind with a heart of gold and incredible family. That being said, I did like Roberto and you can't deny the cute factor of those dimples. And after watching the after show, I totally get it. They were all smiling and giddy and what not.

Also, I am so glad they allowed her to break it off with Chris before he prepared to get down on one knee only to be rejected. And the rainbow thing? Pretty fantastic.

In celebration of the finale (yes, we are nerds. we know) we had some champagne and mini cupcakes from Sweet. I cannot even express how yummy those cupcakes are. And don't laugh but I was one champagne glass short...

We were all Team Chris, therefore a little disappointed but Roberto was on my "team" so I got mega points! We haven't totaled the points yet but I am pretty sure I have this one in the bag.

At the end of it all, I only have one question. Who is the next Bachelor? If there is a reality tv god, it will be Chris L.

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