"The Draft"

Every year when football season rolls around the hubs and his friends gather at one of their houses for their fantasy football draft. It's all they talk about in the weeks leading up to it. And what do they talk about all season long, in addition to their usual football talk? Yup, you guessed it, fantasy football. Don't get me wrong, I like football. The hubs and I spent every Sunday afternoon last season at a local sports bar so we could watch the Bengals play and I loved every minute of it. I even think this whole fantasy football thing is pretty cool and it's kinda cute how much all of the guys get into it. But it is literally all they can talk about when they get together and us ladies were starting to feel a little left out. So we decided to start a little fantasy league of our own...

No I'm not talking about football, it's much more serious than that. This Monday night we are having the draft for our lovely creation "Fantasy Bachelor/Bachelorette."

The last season of The Bachelor was our first go at "Fantasy Bachelor". About a week or so before the show airs they release, on the abc website, pictures of the contestants along with some basic info on each (age, job, hometown). One of the lovely ladies in our group prints out each of the pictures and glues them on little notecards (yes, she is awesome).

For our draft we (like the boys) meet up at one of our houses (usually with wine & junk food) and spread all of the notecards out on a table. We draw names out of a hat to determine the order we pick and then we start picking contestants one by one until there are none left. We try to strategize by picking girls that look "nice" or live near the Bachelor or share the same career field but these proved to be horrible assessments. The "nice" girls turn out to be crazy's and well, so did more than half of the other girls, but that's what makes it so fun!

To make the game more interesting, we came up with a point system based on typical things contestants do while on The Bachelor. For example we get points if one of our contestants gets in a fight, cries, says "I love you", gets belligerent, receives a rose, etc. This way we all have an equal chance at winning (having the most points) even if we don't have a contestant remaining in the final two. So it's actually beneficial to get one of the crazy's (like Michelle from last season, she was certifiable but got me tons of points!). Of course, we will have to tweak it a little this time around since we are dealing with a Bachelorette instead of a Bachelor but it will essentially be the same kind of thing.

I checked out the male contenders for this season and I have to admit I am a bit disappointed... No one really stands out, but then again, these are also just pictures. Right now I think my top choice is Derrick or maybe Chris H.? Take a look at the guys and tell me what you think. Maybe you can spot a crazy that will get me lots of points, or a jerk who will fight with the other guys, or even better, the winner! Share your opinions and feel free to get a couple friends together and have your own "Fantasy Bachelor" but please let me know if you do! Once we figure out our point system for this season I will share it, in case anyone is interested :)

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