Let's talk about.... babies?

If you have been reading along since the beginning you know that this blog was set up to talk about babies. Preferably my babies but you know, just baby stuff in general. Obviously it has gone off course due to the fact that I haven't actually produced a baby yet and that topic doesn't always go too well with me.

When I try to talk baby I do one of three things: 1) make people sad or uncomfortable (which is not fun and not my intention). 2) make an inappropriate joke that only my husband understands. or 3) get a response that makes me sad or angry.

People get a bit uncomfortable talking about babies with me in person. I really don't mind it, I love baby talk! And unless you are going to tell me that you hate your children or laugh at miscarriage, we are going to get along just fine. Just because I have been having some issues with making them does not mean I can't hold a conversation about how cute babies are or what names we have picked out for our phantom kids.

As for the jokes. They are my way of coping. No I am not really going to steal a baby but when I see a cute little babe I sometimes say I want to. And I swear I have never eaten a baby, nor have I tried to, despite my saying I wanted to. What? It's either that or go cry in the corner. I prefer the joking. But other people? They just don't seem to get it. And strange looks are not fun to receive.

Lastly, people can be mean. Whether it's on purpose or not some words just pierce right through my heart. Then there are others that make me want to punch a puppy. And I love puppies!! So to make me mad enough to want to punch one sure takes a lot. When I told one person about our third miscarriage their response was "why don't you just get on birth control and stop trying for a while." My jaw dropped. My OB must have forgotten to tell me that in order to have a baby, you should get on bc and stop having sex. Will the stork then deliver a basket full of babies to my door step? I realize it's just ignorance but ouch.

So yeah, I haven't been writing about babies like I thought I would. Instead I have been telling people what is going right. What I have accomplished. What I have discovered. And I hope baby talk will be back soon, I really do.


  1. It will be back soon!xo

  2. Some people are just plain rude..or ignorant. But either way, it's great that you're focusing on the positives in life right now. And hopefully, there will be another positive (literally) to talk about sooner rather than later!

  3. Oh I'm sure the baby talk will ensue soon :) I agree with the comment above!!

  4. I like the new look of the blog. not sure what to say on the babies, but its your blog, talk about what you wish and delete and rude comments!

  5. I hated those same exact comments when I had my miscarriages. And I often claim that I want to eat my children now. So I think we have A LOT in common. Send good news your way!

  6. Ya know, when I had my miscarriage I felt so alone, that no one understood and that no one every wanted to bring it up...but then, when people did I felt weird about it, that they were just being fakey.
    Anyway, I basically couldn't be pleased. I chalk it up to my raging hormones.
    Now I've found that the only people who truly understand the pain, loss and frustration of losing a baby are those who have gone through it themselves.
    It's like we're all in a club or something.
    A sad club, but still, a club.



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