Some things never change

The last time I went to visit my mom, I brought back a couple of boxes full of old pictures to sort through. I am such a sucker for old photos and could seriously spend all day looking at them. Usually as I sift through the batch from my childhood I shake my head at the outfits my mom used to put me in. I like polka dots just as much as the next person but is it necessary to wear them head to toe? And with frills? Not to mention the time she permed my hair and it looked like a poodle was sleeping on my head.

But this time, as I was showing the hubs some of the pictures, he noticed that the outfit I was wearing in one of the pictures looked very similar to one that I currently own. One more look at the picture and I realized he was right!
So the colors may be off a little but holy moly that is the same outfit! And apparently I never outgrew the side bangs either. A little scary don't ya think? Bravo momma, you picked one outfit that I would still adore twenty years later. But don't pat yourself on the back just yet. You also put me in this:
I very specifically remember begging not to wear this vest. And paired with an oversized t-shirt, gold chain and dolphin hoop earrings? Really? I was such and tomboy and the lace was pure torture for me at the time. But those earrings? They were my fav!

While my style may not have improved much over the years, I promise you all that I own nothing remotely similar to that vest! At least not that I will admit on the internet :)


  1. I love old pics. I have some really embarrassing ones.

  2. How funny! Love that first pic, you were so cute!

  3. Well I loved the way I dressed you. Except for maybe the vest. What was I thinking.
    Love you

  4. Thanks Ladies and Mom, you did alright most of the time ;)

  5. Hahaha, this was SO great! I swear, I had a similar vest (maybe not with all the glorious lace details, but close) and I loved it. I felt so hip, lol.

    But seriously, you're adorable! I love your current outfit!

  6. OMG I love pics from back in the day. Circa 1980 :) Very cute!



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