Thrifty Finds

Love, Megan has been asked to be a vendor at a charity luncheon (more on that later!) so I was in need for some things to set up a table. Since I am such a newbie, I have no clue what I want or need and I also don't have the funds to go on a shopping spree for brand new items, especially if I'm not sure that I will use them.

Instead, I grabbed a wonderful friend to help me sift through numerous thrift stores in search of some hidden treasures that I could use. It wasn't until the last store that we found most of these gems:
some picture frames and a set of owl statues
After a much needed scrub down and a nice coat or two of spray paint, they became useful items to be used on my table for the charity lunch.
my spray painted goodies, as well as my other thrifty finds
I plan to use the two empty frames for pricing and custom order info. At least that's the plan right now and I change my mind every five minutes so we shall see. It was fun, and gross at the same time, searching through peoples disregarded things to find little treasures for myself.

Don't you think aqua is totally that little owls color? It looks great on him!

By the way, this was my first time using spray paint. like. ever. I typically don't do well with paint (just ask the hubs about the shelf painting on the balcony. yikes.) but spray paint is so easy. I have been getting the urge to randomly spray things around the house and while I am fighting those urges for now, I fear that by next week everything in my house will be either purple or aqua...


  1. Hahah I know that feeling! You discover something new and want to try it out again and again... I've never used spray paint. That frame looks really good, I'm impressed!

  2. You've given me the thrift bug!! Ugh, I wanna go find some cool stuff! :)



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