Just say NO to peeing on sticks

Well, the hubs had to hide the pregnancy tests from me... again. With my body's schedule so out of whack these days I want to test like every day. Unfortunately, pregnancy tests aren't exactly free so we decided pick a day in the future and test on that day. The problem is that I just can't seem to wait until that day and with the hubs being gone all day it is just too tempting!

I tested a couple of days ago (way too early! I have no self control!) and of course got a BFN (big fat negative). With the last pregnancy I got 3 BFN's from testing too early. You would think I would have learned my lesson right? Well, you would be wrong. Now we have had to resort to the hubs hiding them from me... because I am a child and it is the only way I will not go through a hundred of them.

My body cannot be trusted. Any "signs of pregnancy" I think I might have, could also be from AF's late arrival or the fact that I ate something funny for breakfast. I just don't trust it. But I refuse to go looking for the tests. There is no need to be let down yet (especially if it's wrong). BFN's are just not fun. So I will be good. I will wait until our planned testing day.... but if you find me sneaking around in the office or closet and then sprinting to the bathroom, I advise you not get in the way.


  1. so hard to restrain! I know the feeling. I POAS one day before my missed period, used first am urine and the postitive was so faint you could HARDLY see it.

  2. oh and I gave you an award! Loving your blog http://baby-to-go.blogspot.com/2010/07/lots-of-sunshine.html



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