The Doggy Park

Since our pups are going to be left at home tomorrow for the 4th of July festivities the hubs and I decided to take them to a new dog park today to make up for it. This park is special because it has a giant lake that the pups can swim/run around in. Boom absolutely loved it! Wentworth on the other could care less about the water but did enjoy the other pups, and by pups I really mean massive dogs. There was a great dane club meeting today and they made Boomer look like a chihuahua. I forgot to bring my camera but I managed to get a few decent pictures with my phone:
Boomer frolicking in the water and showing how skinny he gets when wet
Wenty being a chicken and sticking close to me instead of playing in the water
And both boys exhausted and soaked on the ride home :)

After lugging them home and giving them both baths (which always results in me in the bath tub with them... fully clothed), drying them off and then showering myself in order to not smell like wet dog/lake water we finally got settled on the couch. All of us.
Yes, those are my legs they are squishing. Aren't they sweet? And the hubs is right next to us too :)

Now to spend the rest of the day relaxing and eating the yummy food the hubs is preparing tonight. Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!

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