Feed the lions

When I was little I had quite the imagination. I would come up with some of the craziest explanations for things. One in particular crossed my mind this morning as my stomach was growling away, impatiently awaiting the cheese to melt on my grilled ham and cheese sandwich. (yes, that is what I had for breakfast. don't judge me)
This is what I thought lived in my stomach... When someone first told me that my stomach was "growling" I immediately pictured a wee little lion just hanging out in a big black empty space (my tummy) waiting for me to feed it. How this seemed possible, even to a five year old, I have no idea but I truly believed that was the case.

When I would get sick, I thought it was the lion. Maybe I ate something he didn't like or I didn't eat enough or about a million other scenarios my imaginative little mind came up with. When I would eat something sweet I would think to myself how much the little lion was going to like it and when I had to eat my veggies I would feel bad for the lion. CRAZY! I know. What a strange child I was.

But I absolutely adore hearing some of the crazy things kids come up with these days. The imagination of a child is like nothing else and it amazes me sometimes the lengths it will go.

What are some of the silly things you thought when you were younger? Or that you have heard little ones come up with? Please share!


  1. That's so cute! Love the idea... I mean, why not? Kids are so creative and imaginative! My son (4) blames everything on the aliens...

  2. hahah too cute I never thought about it actually growling!



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