New Projects

There is nothing like a few new projects to help get my mind off of certain things and (when they go well) to put me in a better mood. Two in particular lifted my spirits and got my creative juices flowing. I don't usually like to share my "rough drafts" because they have flaws, I use scraps so they aren't always very pretty, and there are almost always changes I want to make but I will make an exception this time.

Cosmetic bag
a peek inside:
side view:
I used a home decor fabric for the outside and unfortunately no lining because I didn't have anything lying around the house but I plan to use an oil cloth lining to account for spills and what not. I also want to add a handle on the side and an inside zipper. I plan on making these suitable for guys as well (only larger and as a travel bag, unless they like make-up. To each their own).

Pleated Clutch
I heart this one. So cute! I have a lot of different ideas that I plan on trying out with this design. Fun new flowers, bold bright patterns. Oh the possibilities!

I will update with my edited versions of these gems when I have time to hit up Joanns for some new materials.



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