Favorite Things [4th of July!]

This year, like most, is just flying by! I can hardly believe that it is already July 1st. That means that the 4th of July is only days away! I happen to love holidays. All of them. So I am pretty excited for the weekends festivities. Here are some of my favorite things about our independence day:

Yummy popsicles and cute red, white, and blue dresses
BBQ's with good food and even better friends

sales! oh the lovely sales!
fireworks (of course!)
and most of all the pure celebration of our freedom and the patriotism shown by everyone.

Now I am even more excited! I just have one request for my fellow Americans... please, under no circumstance, deface our flag by wearing it as a barely there "dress". Not cool.


  1. love your blog.

    check out mine

    oh and i followed you.


  2. Yumm bomb pops! I just stumbled across your blog... cute!

  3. i love your blog and you!! and that plaid dress!! where is it from mrs. megan??? :D happy 4th to the you, the hubs and pups!

  4. Thank you ladies! And Kerri the dress is from forever :)



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