Sleeping Beauties

We NEVER let the pups sleep in bed with us. Not that Boomer would even if we let him (he will only sleep under the bed... I know). And little Wentworth usually sleeps in his crate due to past late night accidents. But last night I was reading in bed and Wentworth just looked so peaceful all snuggled up at the end of the bed. I gave the hubs that look, you know the one where your eyes get all big and your eye brows raise up and your bottom lip sticks out just a little. He knew exactly what I wanted (I swear he can read my mind sometimes) and said it was fine, just for tonight, as long as I cleaned up any mess it caused in the morning. This is what I woke up to this morning:
The picture quality sucks (it was dark and all I had nearby was my iPhone) but how flippin' precious is that! I woke them both up after taking this so they could appreciate the cuteness. I tried to tell the hubs that we should get him his own little pillow but the look he gave me leads me to believe that's not gonna happen. I know we shouldn't let this become a regular thing (especially once we have a little one to take care of) but this "just for tonight" made my heart melt this morning!

ps- I promise Wenty really isn't that big! It has to be the angle... he's still a tiny little puppy right?


  1. What kind of dog is he? He looks a lot like our dog Bandit who's a rat his coloring!

  2. We adopted him so we aren't entirely sure but they told us he was a Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix but we see a lot of either rat terrier or jack russel in him.



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