Weekend Life for the Beauty & the Banker

Friday: We were totally boring and stayed in and watched Die Hard (one of my absolute fave's!) and ate the hubs famous pork chops for dinner and just relaxed. I love when we have lazy Friday nights just snuggled up on the couch! The poor hubs usually has to work a little later on Friday's so it's nice to just have time to unwind from the stresses of the day and just enjoy each other.

Saturday: After doing yard work and cleaning the early morning away we put our dancing shoes on and met up with some friends for a free Salsa dancing lesson! (Did you see that part where I said it was free? We like free!). I honestly could not believe that the hubs agreed to this. He is not a dancer. And by that, I don't mean that he can't dance, just that he refuses to. The only exceptions are if he has been drinking (a lot) and our wedding day. Other than that he sticks solely to slow dancing.

The lessons were actually a little disappointing. We did learn a really basic step but it didn't last very long and it wasn't with a partner. But it was free so I shouldn't really complain. Plus I got to see my uncoordinated husband stumble around in his attempt to Salsa a little (it was so stinkin' cute!). I only wish I had video taped it... After the "lesson" we headed next door to a bar and drank some free beer and ate some snacks. That was a little more up our alley.

My brother came over when we got home. We took him to see Grown Ups (cute movie) and then I read my book while the boys played video games all night. Typical. And I passed out way before they finished playing.

Sunday: We woke up pretty early, ate breakfast, and left for Universal. The Harry Potter World (awesome) was pretty packed but my brother hadn't been yet so we walked around a little bit and rode a couple of rides before heading back home to meet up with my momma and hang out at the house for a while.

After they left, the hubs and I relaxed on the couch (we like to do that if you haven't noticed) and I attempted to play video games with him (I suck). Again, it was nice just to spend time with him.

There you have it. A weekend in our shoes.

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  1. sounds so fun! I would love a weekend like that!



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