i heart lists

I am a planner. Lists are my friend. I make them for just about everything. groceries lists. shopping lists. packing lists. craft idea lists. doggy lists. lists! lists! lists! My vacation packing lists are pretty hardcore. I tend to make them way too early (what? I get excited, ok?) and way too in depth. And by too in depth I mean I even list which undies I will pack with each outfit (which of course there will be at least two extra of to account for my mood). It's ridiculous and I know it but don't care because that's just how I operate.

When we went to Italy for two weeks for our honeymoon my lists were out of control. I actually made three completely different lists so that I could compare them to see if I missed anything on any of them. My outfits were planned at least a month before we left and were packed a week before. Toiletries give me a bit of anxiety because I can't pack most of them until the last minute since I usually have to use them up until the day we leave. But don't worry, they all sit lined up on the bathroom counter, days before the trip, that way they are ready to go.

Wow, writing all of this down sure sounds a lot crazier than when I am in the process of doing it... Swear I'm not quite that crazy. It all stems from my forgetfulness. I rarely leave home without forgetting something important. Going to the post office, I forget the package I'm supposed to mail out. Going to a birthday party, I forget the gift. It's more often than not my keys or phone though. So you see, I need those lists.

With our upcoming cruise only a little more than a week away (eeek!) you better believe my lists are already complete. I have my packing list, the hubs packing list, my list of things to do before we leave, and my first ever doggy lists. Since we are cruising (?) with my momma we are outsourcing our puppy-sitting to friends.

This is our first time leaving Wentworth and the first time we have left Boomer with someone other then my momma. To say we are nervous would be an understatement. Let me clarify that we are not nervous about the people we are leaving them with (they are awesome and we totally trust them) but instead about what are pups are going to do to them and theirs homes. They are each going to a different friends house (the two of them plus their dogs would be too much to ask) and they each have their own "list of crazies" accompanying them.

Post Summary: I heart lists and may be a tad bit crazy.


  1. Hi! I found it on the D-List. I love your blog. I'm now a follower!

  2. P.S. I heart lists too! lol



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