Tonight at midnight.... I will be among the tweens/teens. That's right, I am going to see the newest Twilight movie.
I got sucked in to the first book at the St. Louis airport due to a delayed flight. We were stuck at the airport for FOUR hours and my choice of books included the Twilight series and an array of romance novels featuring Fabio on their covers. So I reluctantly grabbed Twilight and started reading. My poor hubby didn't hear a word from me until I shut the book only moments before we landed in Florida. I read it cover to cover without putting it down. When we got home I bought the rest of the books and was pretty much a hermit for the next week or so while I finished up the series.

I do admit that the movies no where near compare to the books but I can't help myself, I am still going to see it... at midnight. Those two hunks in the poster sure don't help matters much.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I have to wait until Sunday to see Eclipse but I'm on pins and needles until then!

  2. Found you through D-Listed!

    I read the first book and was like eh. Then about 6 months later I was 9 months pregnant and I was like hmmm maybe I should read them while I still have the time and I finished the rest in about a week. They're so addicting! I saw Twilight but I still have to see New Moon and of course Eclipse!



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