They say third times a charm, right?

You may recall a time or two that I mentioned how little patience I have. Well I promise that what I am about to talk about has nothing to do with aforementioned impatience and was actually well thought out and discussed at length. So there.

We are officially trying to make a baby again! Woohoo!

We are in no hurry, it will happen whenever it is supposed to happen. We are just glad to be trying again and hoping for the best. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

When we do get pregnant again (and we will, because my body loves to get pregnant apparently) we will share the news when we are ready. Knowing us that probably wont be too long either as I'm sure you already know if you've read my post about our big mouths. So please don't ask me every day "Are you pregnant yet?" or any other variation of it because that is no fun. If I am pregnant I won't be able to lie to you (terrible, terrible liar) and I want to give our news on our own terms and if I'm not, well than I will either be angry or cry (neither of which are pretty). But as far as everything else goes, I am an open book so ask away! We can talk about cycles and how much I despise AF and her visits or baby related stuff (names, colors, birth, clothes, ah! I love it!) or how much fun it is just trying to make a baby (sorry mom for that visual but you kinda know that has to happen in order for a baby to appear nine months later). I think you get it though, we can talk, it's cool.

Wish us luck!

ps- Thought I would include a little conversation that happened while I was writing this between me, the hubs and Wentworth. Just for giggles. And remember, like Planet Fitness, this is a judgement free zone.

As Wentworth jumps right on the hubs "delicate" area

Hubs: "Wentworth! Easy there! Don't crush my nuts we're trying to make a baby!"

Me: "We should get you a nut protector or something"

Hubs: ::giving me the side eye:: "You mean like a cup?"

Me: ::buries face in pillow:: "Oh, yeah..."


  1. Haha too funny (your convo) Let the good times roll! ;)

  2. Third time was the charm for me! Totally understand the constant "Are you pregnant?" frustrating. Here's to making a baby and have fun while doing it! That's usually the hubs favorite part!

  3. Nicole Cangiano6/30/2010 4:04 PM

    Megan i am thinking of you always! You are so right! it will happen when the time is right and enjoy all the time trying! You are an inspiring woman! I love reading your blog, you should so write a book! Good luck and baby dust to you!



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