The Bachelorette

Here is a screen shot of my score sheet after the first episode just to give you an idea of how serious this is haha:
(not bad after the first night eh?)

My remaining fellas:

Kirk. He was my first pick, although I was seriously regretting that decision when he busted out his little scrapbook the first night. He's starting to grow on me a little and it appears that as long as he keeps his mouth shut and pressed up against Ali's, he's gonna be around for a while ;) She only wants him for his body....

Roberto. Right now my guess would be that he is my golden ticket to the final two. Although I may be getting a little ahead of myself considering that typically, on reality tv, if it seems to good to be true than it is. Hopefully he has no dirty little secrets up his sleeve and can keep earning points! Plus he is adorable and super sweet!

Craig R. Not gonna lie, he's kinda lame. They don't show him much a

nd hardly ever with Ali.... and he doesn't do anything crazy. Don't think he will be around much longer.

Kasey. Hmmm, he is a bit of a mystery at the moment but according to previews (which are often deceiving) he goes a bit crazy on tonights episode. We can only hope, right? Ok he actually seems sweet so hopefully it's only a little crazy.

Jesse. He's my Missouri boy! And even though he thinks denim shirts classify as formal-ware, I like him. He has that sweet mid-western charm and probably likes sweet tea. His only down fall is his age, I'm afraid he may be a tad bit too inexperienced with the ladies :( Next bachelor?? He has my vote!

Even though I am totally cheering my guys on (hello, I would like to win dinner and drinks please), my true favorite guy right now is Mr. Chris L. What a sweetie! Plus they seem like the could be a real life couple and that's the ultimate goal right? Or at least at one point that was the goal of this show....

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