Meet Mr. & Mrs. Big Mouth

Remember that semi-secret we had? You know, the one about us baking a baby? The one that we weren't going to shout to world just yet? Well we gave it a shot but it just didn't work out.

It turns out that we don't do so well with the whole "secret" thing. That is unless the definition of secret has recently been changed to: tell every single person you see. Although I'm pretty sure that's not the case. It's really not our fault at all, we can't control how excited we get, or the fact that someone asks us how we are doing or what we've been up to lately. It wouldn't be right to lie to these nice people so we just sit, squirming until someone asks us any sort of question that allows us to blurt out our exciting news.

I'll give you a little example of some of the questions that prompt our secret telling....

Friend 1: Hi! How are you?

Friend 2: What are you doing tomorrow night?

and sometimes....

Friend 3: Hi....

See not my fault, they pulled the secret right out of me! Nothing I could do really. Luckily, we have managed to keep it off of facebook and we would like to keep it that way. It's one thing for us to tell people that we see on a regular basis but it's a whole different story for the news to spread to the girl I had two classes with sophomore year of college or that I worked with 5 years ago. The least we can do is keep it limited to the people we actually speak with. That is until after the first trimester and then I will literally shout it to the world (or anyone who will listen). Although don't hold me to actually waiting until the second trimester.... you know that's very difficult for me. I will try though.

Birthday Extravaganza

Since I have the most thoughtful friends, most loving husband and most generous family it's pretty obvious that my birthday weekend was nothing less than extraordinary. I turned 24 on Sunday but the festivities began way before that! Not only did I get the best present ever (little baby swimming around in my tum) but I also had a blast, it didn't even matter that I was the only sober one this weekend. Here is a brief summary with the help of some photos:

Pedicures with the bestie followed by lunch with some lovely ladies.
(Sorry no documentation if that one)

Dinner at Opa! Which, of course, included belly dancing on the table. I think the little babe really enjoyed that one!
CAKE! And, in case you couldn't tell by the picture, lots and lots of napkin throwing because that's how they roll.
After dinner we headed to a bar around the corner, can't remember the name but it involved dragon tattoos and creative dancing :)
The next day (the actual day of my birth) was very relaxing: shopping with the hubby and dinner with the momma and brother for some long craved for steak!

And the last day of my birthday extravaganza was a trip down to Jupiter, FL to see my most favorite baseball team during spring training! GO CARDINALS!
Sorry this post had very little to do with the little jelly bean living in my belly but there isn't a whole lot of new information to share. I could go into detail about my growing morning (aka all day) sickness but I'll save that for another time. Updates should be coming soon. Doctors appointment in t-minus 3 days! The excitement may cause me to spontaneously combust but hopefully not... that wouldn't be good.

5 Weeks :)

So maybe I haven't quit got the whole "taking a picture of my belly" thing down yet but there's not really anything to see yet and I will get better, I promise!
Plus, do you really want to see my bloat? My elbow is much prettier.

I found this little weekly survey on another blog and I like it so I stole it and plan on doing an update (with picture and all) every week. There wont be a whole lot to see at first but it will be cool looking back on how normal my belly looks now.

How far along?: 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: probably gained a few pounds but because of not running :(
Maternity clothes?: nope
Stretch marks?: nope
Sleep: stirring with worry but I'm working on that
Best moment this week: having proof that we're really having a baby
Movement: just gas haha
Food cravings: red meat, mostly steak
Gender: isn't craving meat supposed to be a sign it's a boy? hmm
Labor signs: no way
Belly Button in or out?: major in-y
What I miss: coke and coffee!!!! ahh the withdrawals!
What I am looking forward to: our first doctors appointment next week
Weekly Wisdom: don't test until after your missed period because false negatives are mean
Milestones: positive pregnancy test, sharing the news with family, close friends, and drunk strangers at beer fest.

The proof is in the pictures

First test, taken March 20, 2010. You have to look very close to see that faint little pink line. I almost thought it was in my imagination (hence the multiple blinks, thank goodness for glasses). But you better believe it's there!

Second test, taken today. Yeah I know it's probably weird to just randomly take another pregnancy test in the middle of the week but I really missed those darn pink lines! Low and behold they were there again and much more bold this time.

So there they are. The two pink lines that make my heart pitter-patter and my nerves get all jumbled.

Absolutely Positive

I'm new to blogging but want to give it a try in order to document all of the changes going on in our lives right now and be able to share them with everyone. Here goes nothing....

After a couple of months of trying and many, many pregnancy tests (including 2 false negatives due to testing an entire week too early!) we found out on Saturday that WE'RE PREGNANT!!

I woke up early to test the first pee of the day, just like all the books and websites recommend, and was honestly going to go back to bed since my bladder woke me up way too early for a Saturday morning. As soon as I crawled back in bed my dear husband asked me the question that had been running through my mind and stealing all of my sleep and sanity for the last two weeks, "Are we having a baby?" After giving him a death grip hug I nervously put on my glasses (figured it's probably best not to hold something I peed on an inch away from my face) and strolled into the bathroom, picked up the stick, blinked rapidly several times, and then started screaming! I ran straight to the bed and began jumping and bouncing all over, trampling my innocent and drowsy husband.

We had decided only to tell a few close friends and our parents until after the first trimester. After our miscarriage last year, this just seemed like the best idea for us. That idea was wonderful except for the fact that a) I have a big mouth and b) my husbands mouth is apparently even bigger (who knew?!). Ok so maybe in normal circumstances he really doesn't have a big mouth at all but only a matter of hours after finding out we're going to be parents (squee!) we went to a beer fest. Hubby got drunk. excited. chatty. and all of a sudden BAM big mouth. Good news is that I'm pretty sure that, outside of our close group of friends, everyone else was too drunk by the time hubs turned into Mr. Big Mouth to remember.

So for now our "secret" is semi-safe. We'll see how long that lasts ;)


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