Meet Vicky!

Poor Ms. Singer finally reached the end of her sewing life. During my last few months of using her I spent more time fixing her than actually sewing anything, so it was no surprise to me when she finally broke beyond repair. So what do you do when something breaks and you can't fix it? Buy a new one!
That's Vicky. She's the new girl.
When I went to go look at sewing machines I was amazed how much more advanced they all were compared to what I had been using. In fact, I'm pretty sure the lady working there chuckled a little when I described my old...ahem I mean "vintage", machine. The problem though, with getting a new fancy sewing machine is that I had absolutely no clue how to use it. Lucky for me they have this great deal that when you buy one of their machines you get free unlimited owners classes! How awesome is that? I had my first class yesterday and it was great. I learned the basics of my machine and I go back next week to learn all about the lovely embroidery stitching. Exciting!

As for other exciting news, you may have noticed a new pretty little button that takes you to my Etsy shop on the side. And if you clicked on it you may also have noticed that there is nothing up yet. Well there will finally be items listed sometime this weekend! I'll make a bigger announcement when it's 100% ready! So stay tuned :)

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