Battles with my bod (pt 1)

This is where I divulge way too much personal information and speak of the inner workings of my body... feel free to back away now and if you decide to continue on anyway, don't say I didn't warn you ;)

I started miscarrying on April 1st, almost 3 months ago. Per the doctors orders we decided to wait three cycles before trying to make babies again to allow my body to heal properly. So logically you would think that since it has been three months we should be coming up on my third cycle, therefore, approaching baby-making time. Well, my body decided to throw logic out the window and go rogue.

Instead of beginning my third cycle post-miscarriage, I am still impatiently awaiting my second. My body is probably pretty confused considering only a few months ago I would have been ecstatic about AF being more than two weeks late and now I am cursing it for the very same reason. But, my goodness, where is she hiding?

I expected my first cycle to arrive at its own leisure and didn't complain when a month and a half passed before any sign of AF, but then I expected normalcy to return. My body usually performs like clockwork and after the first miscarriage it returned to that clockwork almost immediately. I've mentioned this before but let me say it again, I am not a patient person. Waiting three months was long enough in my eyes and now that my body is tricking me into waiting even longer, my allotted patience quota is beyond its capacity. And those lovely cramps that have been lingering for the past two weeks sure don't help matters.

So AF if you're listening, please stop torturing me and show up already. Just two more times and then you can take a nice nine month vacation, how does that sound? Pretty reasonable, in my opinion.


  1. Discovered your blog and have really enjoyed it! I have been then done that with the dreams of becoming a mommy, suffered miscarriages, but now I'm happy to say we have two healthy boys.

    It's a journey that doesn't make sense but it helps knowing that others went through it too and come out ok.

  2. Thank you! You're right, hearing others stories really helps. Just knowing someone else has gotten through what we are going through now is comforting.



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