When you move in with someone, you really learn a lot about yourself. Until the hubs and I started living together I didn't know that some of my quirks were, well, quirks.

When the hubs (boyfriend at the time) walked into our tiny one bedroom apartment one day after work and caught me on the couch coloring in an Alice in Wonderland coloring book he tilted his head sideways and simply asked, "Whatcha doin?" To which I replied, "Oh just watching tv." So he put his things down and came over to sit next to me on the couch and then the head tilt came again, followed by another question, "Whatcha watchin?" When I responded with "Hannah Montana" he started cracking up. When I asked what was so funny he said, "You're watching the disney channel and coloring in a kids coloring book?" I was shocked! You mean to tell me that not all 24 year old, college graduates color with crayons and watch Hannah Montana??? What? Since when?

He also claims that most people don't consider popcorn to be a major food group and that it's not acceptable to be eaten as dinner... especially not for three nights in a row. Again, I have to ask, Whaaaat? But but but I've been eating popcorn for dinner since middle school! And if he thinks that's bad then I won't mention the oreos I had for breakfast...

There's also the fact that I am irrationally terrified of birds but collect penguin and owl things. Even I admit that's a little weird but really, if you think about it, penguins are like their own species right? They swim and don't fly, not birds at all! And owls? Well I never actually see them so in mind they only exist as cartoons and cute ceramic cookie jars.

Some of my quirks take a little more adjusting to then others. Like the fact that I have to sleep with two fans. 1) the ceiling fan and 2) a table fan that sits on my night stand and blows directly on my face. Our first dozen or so sleepovers consisted of the hubs curled up in all of the blankets in the corner of the bed... shivering. But now, four years later, he actually likes both fans on and on the occasion that I come home and he is already in bed I catch him with my fan on too.

And you know how most puppies get really hyper and run around the house for like 15 minutes and then sleep for an hour only to repeat the process again once they're rested? Yeah, I do that too. I don't literally run around the house (at least not usually) but I do get these bursts of energy and talk a mile a minute and can't sit still. This also takes some getting used to for most people. But guess what? This is one of the hubs quirks too! Of course, he's not usually hyper when I'm hyper, so one of us is usually bugging the other but hey, it works.

Then there's my whole set of ocd qualities (laundry must be folded a very specific way, color coordinated closet, pantry must be organized by food group, etc). And those are probably the hardest for the hubs to get used to. But he does a great job of accepting all of my quirks with a smile and occasional laugh!

Our quirks are what make us who we are and make us unique. Embrace them!

What are some of your quirks?


  1. Yessssssss!! Someone else who shares my "fan illness" as Austin and I call it!! lol Ceiling fan is a MUST and a small fan on my night stand is DEFINATELY a must! Austin always makes fun of me for that. I'm glad I'm not alone, we should form a club...

  2. I love that you call it a "fan illness" that's great! I thought I was alone in this one haha

  3. Popcorn not a dinner food, what? That is news to me!



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