Where the magic happens!!

I'm talking about my sewing room of course, get your minds out of the gutter people!

Since I have been spending a lot of time with my darling Singer lately, I thought I would introduce everyone to her and her home. I have to warn you though, this room is comprised of all the "reject" furniture that either someone didn't want or didn't fit anywhere else in the house, but I happen to love it :)

Everyone meet Miss Singer --------------->

She lives in my "sewing room" and sits on a lovely $10 desk that my dad got at a garage sale for her many years ago. Next to her is a can for pencils/pens/scissors, a cherry coke zero to help feed my caffeine addiction, my laptop, and my favorite picture of my dad for inspiration and motivation. Above her hangs our old bathroom mirror/shelf which now holds thread, paints, glue, and lots of other random crafting goodies.
For now I have to work on the floor due to lack of work space but my marvelous husband is going to build me a wrap-around desk in the near future! Which will be awesome because my back hates me for sitting on the floor, hunched over for hours on end cutting fabric.

And I think I'm going to need some new assistants... mine are always sleeping on the job! Some help they are. geez

(sneak peak: you will see those fabric selections again soon as items in my etsy shop!)

Onto more floor activities. Nope that's not a table for kids you see there, it's where I make my fabric flowers. I bought this tiny table my sophomore year of college because it matched my comforter set at the time and have never used it. I'm not really sure what you're supposed to do with a tiny table but at least it has a purpose for now. Plus it just happens to match the color scheme that was forced upon this room.

Of course, I have to have some entertainment while cutting, sewing, ironing, glueing, etc. And my pups obviously aren't doing a whole lot, so I usually have movies/tv on in the background just so it's not super quiet. And in case you were wondering, yes that's Harry Potter on the screen... and just out of shot is a large stack of embarrassing movies that I am ashamed of because not only do I watch them but I own them.

The hand-me-down book shelf also holds my prized Albert Pujols autographed baseball, my favorite peanuts book from my dad, mini UCF helmet, and lots of books and photo albums. And leaning against it is my terribly unorganized collection of gift wrapping. It's not pretty, I know, but the closet is filled with boxes so it has no where else to go.

Hopefully in the next few months I will updating with pictures of the renovation the hubs plans on doing in there! But until then, this is it. Where I spend all day Monday - Friday and even a good amount of time most weekends. I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour!


  1. Cute Megan! I would love to have a "craft room". Your new design looks super cute as well!

  2. Do you have your Etsy shop up yet?

  3. Thanks Michelle! It's not up yet, I'm still working on it. But it will be up by the end of the week! I'll let you know :)

  4. Oops I meant end of the month haha :)

  5. Super cute working space! I've recently found that a cute/fun workspace makes for a much more creative designer! :)



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