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Since a certain someone ::cough cough Sadie:: was determined not to let me get any sleep, I found myself perusing the internets. After reading Mandy's "10 Things" post I figured why not? Other than watching some dvr'd Bachelor there is not a whole lot to do at 4 am.

So the deal is you post a picture of yourself, 10 random facts, and then answer the 10 questions Mandy picked. Here we go....

This photo is the epitome of me. Baby, yoga pants, no time for hair or make-up because we are too busy with play time and house work 

10 Randoms

1. I have very vivid dreams and I can usually remember them in great detail when I wake up. They are always in color and occasionally in cartoon form. I always thought that was normal but the hubs has informed me that it is, in fact, not.

2. In college I ate half a package of oreos every night before bed. and never gained a pound. Oh how I miss that. 

3. I have an irrational fear of birds. However, some my favorite animals are penguins and owls. 

4. I have an issue with plans and lists. I love them. Everything from what to pack for a trip to what needs to be cleaned in the house and when, they all get lists! And it is possible that I may have already started mentally planning Sadie's birthdays for the next 5 years. It's a problem.

5. I still love Disney movies. I know the words to all of the songs and sing along every time. I cannot wait until I can share all of that with Sadie :)

6. When I was little I was extremely shy. My parents had to bribe me with Barbie dolls to get me to read out loud in class. 

7. I could spend all day and night just staring at Sadie. Her existence alone amazes me to no end.

8. In elementary school I decided to cut my own hair... with my dad's clippers... it was not a pretty sight.

9. I smile a lot. Sometimes people even ask why I smile so much which seems like a very odd question to me. 

10. Thanks to the hubs and my sweet baby girl, all of my dreams are becoming realities. 

Questions from Mandy

1. have you ever met someone famous?  Oddly enough, I met more famous people while I was pregnant than the rest of my 25 years. I wrote about meeting Cameron Mathison here and I never got the chance to post about it but a week or so later I met Dwight Howard (of the Orlando Magic for you non sports friends). My all time favorite though was meeting Albert Pujols (former St. Louis Cardinal), I could not find my words. 
 2. what is your happiest childhood memory?  All my favorite memories are the simple things. Wrestling and singing in the car with my dad, Christmas at my Mam-maw's house, family vacations.

3. favorite album of all time?  Dr. Hook Greatest Hits. I love every single song and it reminds me of my dad :)

4. are you a salty or sweet lover?  both. together or separate.

5. what is favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie?  The Challenged on MTV. I started watching them in high school and can't seem to quit them. 

6. describe your favorite sandwich. can't go wrong with a classic pb&j

7. what was your first pet?  a black cat named Figaro 

8. what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?  Bringing Sadie into the world. Nothing will ever be able to top that. 

9. what is the first blog you started reading?  Heir to Blair. I stumbled across it before I even knew what a blog was. 

10. if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?  orange cake made by my mother-in-law. but let's hope this never has to happen! 

I am too tired to think of 10 new questions right now... maybe later :)

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  1. yeah, dreaming in cartoons does seem a tad odd. but in a good way! :)



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