Good Morning America

Yesterday on 11/11/11 Good Morning America did a special feature called "Baby Oh Baby" at the hospital where I work! They chose the nursery on my floor to film which was very exciting. It was really really cool seeing how the whole operation went down. With the camera crew, producers, assistants, and other people that I wasn't really sure what they did, taking over our floor for two full days.

The very yummy Cameron Mathison (from All My Children and Dancing with the Stars) was the chosen host and he was quite the hit with the ladies at the hospital. He was also super nice and didn't turn down pictures with all of the ladies who wanted them. I only had my phone so my picture didn't come out so well but it was still clear enough to make the hubs jealous ;)

If you watch the video (click here) you will see me and my bestie for our two seconds of fame in the nursery. I was wearing a black shirt the first day of filming and am behind the desk while she's moving baby bassinets.

The whole experience was pretty neat and the segment turned out really nice. I will be there as a patient instead of employee before I know it!


  1. Wow! Awesome. That would be so neat to experience. Looking at the first picture..looks like the baby girls were highly outnumbered! lol

  2. Gosh, this is so cool! What an awesome experience! And lucky you to meet and take a picture with Cameron!



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