Steppin' Out Saturday 2.17.12

On Momma
top, belt, & undershirt: Target
shorts: Old Navy
shoes: AE (which you cannot see. oops)

On Sadie Baby
outfit: Carters
bow: Target

Today Miss Sadie and I took our first long drive, just the two of us, to watch her Uncle Jordan play some baseball. Sadie was an angel in the car! Thank goodness too because I was nervous driving that far by myself. 

Although she slept through most of the game she did manage to keep her eyes open for Uncle Jordans first hit. He had a great game and we were so happy to be there to see it. I foresee many baseball games in Sadie's future.

ps- she has a baseball paci in :)


  1. You look beautiful Megan! and so does your little princess :)

  2. Beautiful girls!! You look so great!!

  3. You look great!!

    Yes, I did deliver at Winnie :) I remembered you saying you worked there. What do you do? I know a couple of other people who work there too.

    1. Thanks!

      I'm the unit secretary in the nursery and on one of the mother/baby floors :)

  4. I just came across your blog. Your daughter is so beautiful! And I loooove that top.



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