Getting to know Sadie

I realized just the other day that I haven't really shared anything about Sadie. Sure I have posted pictures and while she is the most adorable creature on Earth (don't tell my pups I said that), there is so much more to her than that.
We have been blessed with a good sleeper. She doesn't sleep through the night or anything but we do get a solid 4-6 hour stretch every night and then two more 3-4 hour periods after that in between nursing. The girl loves her sleep and will do so absolutely anywhere and in any position.
Sadie is the most smiley baby I have ever met. Most likely if she is awake, she is smiling. And if you talk to her in a sing-songy voice she "talks" back to you in those same tones. If you walk too close to our during the day you would probably think we are a safe house for Disney princesses. The best part is that I sometimes forget who I am talking to and carry on that voice to the hubs and even once at the grocery store to the cashier...
Now don't get me wrong, she is a pretty easy going baby but she definitely has her moments. Like her obsession with her paci. Don't get in the way of that. She may be all smiley so you take her paci out to talk to her, which is fine until the smile is gone and then you better get that thing back into her mouth asap. Even if she spits it out five times and puts her hands in front of her mouth and shakes her head back and forth while you're trying to give it back to her.
Sadie has developed a love for classic rock, especially Aerosmith (my dad would be so proud). And if you play it during bath time she kicks her feet all around splashing water everywhere. So worth getting soaked for! She enjoys dance parties in her room and coo's a lot when I play "A Whole New World" (I hope you know what that's from).
She absolutely loves when you touch her head. If you run your fingers from the top of her head down her face she gets all giddy. It's safe to say that she will always find ways to amaze me and challenge me at the same time. She is already her own person. And I love everything about that person.

Newborn Photos taken by the talented Shannon Smith of SNS Photography.


  1. Her pictures came out so good! She is too cute!

  2. Such a sweet post. And the photos are amazing too!



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