World Champions!

As you all are pretty well aware of, I am a HUGE baseball fan. Especially when it comes to my St. Louis Cardinals! After staying up after midnight screaming and celebrating only to have to wake up a few hours later for my 12 hour work shift, I finally have enough sanity to tell you all that...


Sadie was cheering along with me during all of game seven. She was probably wondering what the heck I was getting so worked up for but I like to think that she is just already such a big cardinals fan. Thanks to a bet made between the hubs and I regarding the outcome of the World Series, Sadie is exclusively Cardinals fan and will not be cheering on the Reds :) Therefore she will soon be sporting this little number:
And one more awesome picture we found on the interwebs that made my baseball loving heart smile:
I wont go into the details of the games (because, well I know none of you care) but there were some great displays of baseball at its finest. I am so excited for spring when baseball is back and we will be able to share our love of sports with our little girl. She doesn't know what she's in for ;)

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  1. L.ove that pic. I'm a huge cards fan too. So happy they took home another proud victory.



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