31 week update

Last weekend we attended a Prepared Child Birthing class that lasted all day and covered everything you would want to know about birthing a baby (even some things you would probably rather not know). This class made it all feel so real! It also solidified some feelings I had about labor and made me feel extremely comfortable with the whole thing. Which is good considering we are only nine weeks away now :)

(don't mind the sweats & glasses, I just got off work and realized I hadn't taken a picture for the week yet)

At 31 weeks I have upped my exercising a bit. And by "upped" I mean I finally started. Just more walking mostly with some squats and lunges mixed in a bit. Trying to prepare myself for the endurance it will take for a natural labor. Oh did I mention that my crazy self wants a natural labor? It is really important to me and something I have thought about through and through. So as long as everything is in my control that is the way it will be.

Sadie has discovered some new tricks this week. Her new favorite game is playing with my hip bone on my left side. Such a weird feeling! In fact she is playing with said hip bone as I type these very words. She has also learned how to curl herself up into the right side of my rib cage. Not the most pleasant feeling but as long as she's cozy I will deal.

I am still feeling pretty darn good and am in the best of spirits. The weather is finally cooling off a bit (meaning it's not scorching hot out) and I just love all of the things that come with fall. And being pregnant in the fall is way more awesome than being pregnant in the summer.

Another week down, only 9 more to go!

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  1. You're getting so close!! You're not crazy for wanting to go natural..you're courageous! lol. You CAN do it. I promise you have it in you. But don't beat yourself up if you decide you'd rather curb the pain. My epi with Xander failed..and I went ahead and got it with Archer bc things went from hunky dory to hella painful in about 2 seconds & I was progressing so fast..I basically chickened out and got it. I was 5.5 cm when he came in to give it..25 minutes later as he was walking out the door, I was 10cm & ready to push. I pushed for 1 minute ..2.5 pushes total and he was here. My epi kicked in about the time they placed him in my arms after cleaning him, etc. lol. I was like "well crap" lol. Thankfully it wore off quick bc it was just the initial dose bc they never had time to put on the drip. I guess I'm just not meant to have an epi..and next time, unless my nerves completely take over, I'll be going natural. Good luck! You'll do great!



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