The evil orange drink...

If you have ever been pregnant than you know the one I am talking about. At first sip it tastes suspiciously like orange soda but as you drink a little more you realize it must contain pure acid because your chest is burning. Then, accompanied by the heartburn, comes the uncontrollable burping (which is so not attractive in the quiet waiting room at the doctors office). And you have to sit there for an hour awaiting your favorite part of the visit, the dreaded blood draw (oh maybe I am the only one who dreads it... but I do so very much) only to have to wait another couple of days to find out if you pass or fail the diabetes screening.

Or you could be like me and get a phone call saying your stupid blood clotted so now we have to re-do your one hour glucose test. Maybe they didn't exactly say my blood was "stupid" but those were my thoughts when I had to go in again yesterday for the joys of glucose testing. Stupid blood. Did you have to clot? Did you have to cause me to spend my day off sitting in the doctors office? Am I not there enough as it is?

Hopefully by Friday I get a pleasant phone call saying that my blood is no longer stupid but is in fact pretty awesome and I passed. I would prefer those words exactly but I will accept other variations.

I am a little sad that we only have one ultrasound left and it is scheduled so close to my due date that the next time we see little Sadie just may be on the outside. At least her stretching, kicks and hiccups keep me reassured :)


  1. It really does just get worse with every sip. lol. Hopefully you get good results!

  2. I had to redo my test because I was a few points off.... REDO...the three hour glucose crap test....NOT fun!!! lol!!! Do they have other flavors?



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