32 weeks :)

Day one of week 32 resulted in split pants before 7am... at work. I leaned over in my chair to pick something up I had dropped (new motto- if it falls than that's where it belongs) and I hear a POP. Of course my giant belly blocks my view of the crotch area of my pants so I tried to sneak into the bathroom to see what damage was done. Sure enough the seam had popped right open, held together loosely by a tiny little thread. I did my best to "mend" the tear and went about my day keeping my legs crossed when not under my desk. Let's hope that doesn't set the pace of the rest of the week :)

As you can see, Mr. Boomer here got a new haircut today. That was stop one on our list of appointments for the day. Doesn't he look handsome.

After dropping Boomer off we headed to our bi-weekly OB check and everything is going great. Sadie still has a nice strong heartbeat and is head down for now. My belly is measuring right on track and my weight is maintaining nicely now. The results from my glucose test came back totally normal, which is great news and means no more nasty orange drink! I have still been feeling great, especially now that I am walking and exercising more (how did I forget how good that feels?).

Next up was a prenatal orientation at a potential Pediatricians office. We were given a lot of information, a tour around the office, and met almost all of the pediatricians working there. The hubs and I were both drawn to the same Pediatrician and have decided that is who we will take Sadie to see! It's exciting and scary to be making big decisions like this.

We have accomplished so much this week already and it is just beginning! More things to look forward to this week include the in-laws coming up for the weekend and my baby shower on Saturday! So excited :)

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  1. AHH you're way too cute! Love that belleh! And I can't believe you're already 32 weeks, she will be here before you know it! <3



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